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Perspective Detective

My sweetest, greatest, best friend from childhood is not only the smartest human I know, but she's also the most brave. Suffering from a severe heart condition, she has had more incredibly painful procedures than I can count, and lives with the ever present knowledge that every new day is not a guarantee. Over the years, she has continually been my life instructor and TRUE life coach. "Get your butt outta bed, it's not that bad" "That's hysterical! Why are you taking that so serious? This is FUNNY Stuff!" "OMG seriously? GET OVER yourself. This is literally the equivalent of an ant bite!!" "FIND your happiness. Go toward the LIGHT in life!" I honestly could not even begin to write all the fabulous quips she has used to shake me outta my self aware selfish behaviors and pettiness over the years. She has a true gift with perspective and redirecting negative thoughts into power plays. After all, the lowest frequencies are the ones which involve selfishness, the highest frequencies we can obtain are selfless, positive affirmations and the belief that WE can create our own realities if we just believe. So I challenge all of us today to be perspective detectives. NO matter how hard it may be to find, let's keep searching for the light. The light will show us the way. BE A FORCE Birdee Bow

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