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We recently caught up with amazing UK singer, songwriter Nazneen Rahman for a little Q&A. Read on to learn more about this power force and her latest release... Together Apart How does your music affect the world? 

One person at a time. My music is an intimate experience, like having a late-night chat with your best friend.  Who has been your biggest cheerleader as an artist? 

I have a small, super-supportive group of fans I write to every week. I share what I'm making and how the world is shaping it and they are always encouraging. 

Tell us about your latest release! 

Together Apart is my latest release. It's different from my previous work - it's a concept album, written in real-time during lockdown. It includes songs, and storysongs (stories set to music) exploring how 2020 has changed us and what we want, and need, and hope for. The response to it has been lovely. 

What are you most looking forward to in 2021?

Hugs. I'm going hug everyone when we are able to again.

How do you find peace in an often chaotic world?

Singing at my piano always brings me peace. What does "making it" mean to you? 

Making something I believe in. It's nice if other people believe in it too, but not essential. What have been some of your greatest achievements as an artist? 

Reaching the finals of the UK Songwriting Contest was good. But mostly, I feel proud I keep growing and keep pushing myself to create new things.  Where can our readers go to learn more about your projects? 

My website has all the links. You can experience Together Apart and lots of behind-the-scenes content at

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