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Music and Inspiration with Inanna!

Hi Inanna! Great to speak with you today!

Thanks so much for having me! What have you been working on lately?

So many things! I love keeping myself active, in music and other fields too. I have just released a new song, called Collapse of an Empire, and I am currently working on the editing of the music video and planning for its release. It's going to be a very different and impactful one, as it was shot entirely on green screen. I have also recorded one new song in January and I have been writing new songs to be produced in the next few months. I am currently planning for an Earth Day event, most likely built around one of my releases and I am creating some new merchandise and artwork. Apart from all things Inanna, I also keep myself busy with dancing, dance classes and acting classes. Music, theater and dance have always been my passions and I can't live without them :-) Who inspired you to get into music?

I don't remember a time when music was not present in my life, in my family. My mom was singing and playing guitar with me all the time, we would sing together so much and it always felt natural to have music as part of my life. I started playing in bands as a teenager, I was inspired by the alternative wave of the late 90s and early 2000. I had my own all-female punk band when I was about 17 years old and I never stopped making music since then. After many bands, I started my solo project around 2011 when I was living in Spain. But only about 3 years ago I found my true calling and inspiration for music: uniting my love for alternative music and Middle-eastern sounds, and conveying an ecological and animalist message. I am grateful to my family who always inspired me and supported me in finding my path and my purpose in the arts and beyond. When was the first time you recall thinking that you wanted to pursue music as your career?

That's hard to tell, since a very young age I knew I wanted to be a singer and performing artist. I probably knew I wanted it for sure when I went to my first concerts of Placebo, Sigurs Ros and other favorite bands: I looked at the stage and I told myself "I want to give the energy they give when they perform, I want to be able to transmit and express as much emotion as they do". How do you keep a balance between artist life and normal life? I like to think that my artist life is my normal life. I try not to separate them and most of my work revolves around my music project and environmental/animal activism. I also work on other things from time to time, but mostly related to my art, or to production or to causes I support. What is your favorite song you've ever released and why?

Among my songs, I think my favorite so far is still "Change", which I released last year for Earth Day. It's still the most powerful one and it sums up my style very well: the mystery, the darkness, the activism, the Middle-Eastern touch, the hope.

Who are some of the artists currently inspiring you?

I have recently listened a lot to grandson, Agnes Obel, Woodkid and to my usual favorites Sigur Ros, Placebo, Natacha Atlas and Egyptian classics. What does 'making it' look like to you? Being able to make my music sustainably, inspiring people to make better choices for the planet and getting to collaborate with people I have always admired. What are you hoping to see in the music world as it continues to evolve? I hope to see many more artists getting involved in the environmental cause! Arts have the power to inspire and create change. Please let everyone know how they can keep up with you and your music!You can find all links, music, videos and all updates on Thank you for your time!

Of course, it's been a pleasure!

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