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Music and Fashion with CHIANNE

Thank you for doing our interview!  Tell our readers more about how you got started and where you are located!

I’ve lived in several different countries in the past but I am currently located in Los Angeles. I have a background as a fashion designer and I’ve always had music deep in my heart but never got the confidence, courage and motivation to be able to pursue music as a career. I had to take the leap of faith a few years ago and honor my deepest calling to date. It’s been a rollercoaster ride ever since I chose my heart over fear; the journey’s been filled with breakdowns and breakthroughs, success and failure, heartbreaks and joy and everything in between that has catalyzed so much growth and spiritual awakenings in me that I don’t take any of it lightly and for granted; as it’s been shaping who I am today and what I long to share with the world.

Do you believe in Goal Setting or taking it day by day? 

I believe in both! For success; we need to achieve inner balance of masculine and feminine qualities; goal setting and being able to flow and channel within that structure and container.

What is your strategy for success? 

Have a clear vision + believe in yourself and your dreams + have achievable goals + live and feel as if you’ve already manifested all your dreams despite your current physical circumstances + hard work and dedication + persistence + consistency + not letting anyone deter you off your path + have fun in the process & be childlike + put all your heart and love into whatever you are doing + let go of the expectations + enjoy the ride and let life guide you where you need to be. So balance the feminine and masculine aspects within you for success in life and to achieve wholeness and balance within. :) I am still learning to master some of the elements in this formula :))

Greatest achievement so far? 

I’ve almost performed at the Hollywood Bowl last year, opening for some of the greatest singers in the world like Billie Eilish, Taylor Swift, Camila Cabello, etc at the annual We Can Survive Concert. I was among the 16 finalists in Opening Act Competition which about 14 thousand artists joined.


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