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"NO IS A MYTH IN THIS BUSINESS. DON'T ACCEPT IT. JUST TURN A CORNER AND KEEP GOING" CHER RESILIENCE, PASSION and the unfaltering power of YES. In our business we do a lot of communicating. Actually, it's pretty much ALL we do!! All that communicating is a powerful, enlightening and truth telling serum. Honestly, 15 minutes into a convo and a lot of an artist's real story and chances of success become apparent. Show me an artist with a positive spirit, an open heart and a burning desire to say YES to all the opportunities coming their way (no matter how huge, how seemingly small or how unexpected) and I'll show you an artist who will be enormously successful (with or without our help). If an artist has YES down to an art form? Step back, the turbo charge won't be stopped here, it's a done deal and nothing will stop the forward motion. Not hell, highwater or an endless line of "NO", because YES WINS every single time. A YES MINDSET makes NO obsolete in this business. Show me an artist with walls built up, every reason to say no and an inability to put themselves into the FIRE of the unexpected, unexplained and spontaneous goodness of forward motion and I'll show you an artist who will be forever stuck on career engine stall. NO is a self fulfilling prophecy. If you're constantly ordering it, what do you think the universe is going to be serving? NO that show isn't my normal style, not playing to new people who might love me NO that playlist is mixed genre, don't want new interesting people to hear me NO that podcast is not my crowd, not exposing a new audience to my sound NO they said no before and didn't like me, not taking a chance on rejection NO that workshop probably isn't for me, not learning something new NO extra help isn't exactly what I need, not giving up control & growing NO that artist isn't in my genre, not opening my mind to ALL types of experiences NO that interview process takes a lot of time, not spending time earning fans Time to get real and see it for what it really is, a protective mechanism. Something we've conditioned ourselves to believe to soften the blow and stay out of the line of disappointment. Some really great excuses about being sensible and waiting until the right time, or maybe it's a money brick wall or some other false narrative that you're repeating to yourself everyday. Here's the TRUTH. This business is tough and the playing field is CROWDED AF. If you're not willing to get IN IT with all the PASSIONATE FIRE of an EROS STYLE GREEK GODDESS? Then you may want to step aside now and get that comfortable day gig with the 401k and put that dream to bed. Buy all the fancy stage clothes, expensive production time and photography sessions you want... but YES is the GO TO accessory of success and the BEST CAREER ADVICE of 2021. LEAN IN BELIEVE GET WHAT YOU WANT xo Birdee

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