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Get to Know Alejandro Graciano

Where are you located now and where are you originally from?

I am located in the state of Maine. I grew up in California and I was born in Mexico, south of Acapulco on the pacific ocean. Who has been your greatest influence?

My mother and father are my greatest influence, they sacrificed everything to bring us to this country, so my siblings and I could have a better life. Musically, one of my greatest influences is Ali Farka Toure, a musician from Mali. As a self taught guitarist it was hard to find my own musical style. There are many musical genres and styles and I was getting confused about what I wanted to become musically. One day I went into a music store in a little town in northern California and they had the television on and on the TV there was a man playing the guitar like I’ve never heard it before and that’s when everything came together and I said to myself that’s how I want to play and I taught myself how to play like that.

What is your latest and greatest? No ANSWER

Are you performing LIVE soon?

I will be performing at the end of the month with a band. It’s challenging having a band and managing all the components that come with that responsibility. At the same time I am learning a lot. What are you most looking forward to in 2022?

I am most looking forward to performances and gigs in 2022. I would love to travel or tour. I believe it is possible and 2022 will definitely be a good year for me musically. How did you deal with all the changes in the past two years that the music industry has gone through?

I had to improvise and or reinvent myself as an artist. After COVID-19 hit our state the music industry got hit harder. Every music venue shut down and people were afraid to even jam. I was not discouraged, I bought myself a drum kit and bass guitar and started to teach myself those instruments. I wanted to know those instruments in depth. One of the biggest reinventions was that I started to do interviews online for a Facebook page that I run called Afroméxico. I did not know what to do or how to start, but I knew I could do it. I started messaging actors, singers, musicians, artists and professors. Some are celebrities and well established and to my surprise they answered. I had many interviews in a year where I was the host via zoom. I learned a lot and I also grew a lot. I believe that the interviews gave me the same sense of joy when I used to perform in front of people.

What would you say to your younger self if you could?

Follow your dreams. If you know in your heart what you really want to be or become in your life. Do it. Follow your dreams, know yourself and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. On a scale from ONE to TEN, how driven are you?

At this stage of my life I’m driven at a 10. When you're not feeling motivated how do you get back on track?

When I am not motivated or feel down I study myself and I usually find that if I'm not feeling motivated it’s because I'm either lacking exercise, meditation or my diet or nutrition is not balanced or I need to be in nature, beach, sunlight or gardening or I need to make music. In order for me to stay motivated and be on track I keep a balance of nature, body, mind and soul. How much do you believe LUCK plays a role in success?

I believe that you become what you think about and that what you think good or bad will bring you what people call luck. In other words, what you think about you’ll bring about or you create your own luck. How can we stay up to date with you?

I am currently on Instagram as @lejandro_graciano_music you can watch video music samples. I am active weekly on this social media and you’ll see my current works or events. Links to any social /music account you want to share?

Instagram account @alejandro_graciano_musc

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