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Lucia Stavros' song "Corona"


Lucia Stavros’ “Corona” feels like a trip to another dimension. Written before the pandemic, “Corona” was released as part of Green and Glass’ self titled debut album, Green and Glass. Stavros not only sings, plays harp, keyboard, piano and synthesizer on the album, but also shares the production work with fellow musician, Sam Decker. Featuring unique instrumentation and inventive processing, “Corona” pushes the boundaries of production, making the listener feel like part of the songwriting process.

One of the standout qualities of “Corona” is the gradual build, introducing new instrumentation every minute. Keeping the listener on their toes, Stavros implements unexpected scoring that sticks out at first, but slowly blends into the mix, creating a swirling melting pot of sound. For instance, using synthesizer with harp seems like an unlikely combo, but the resulting sound is celestial and enchanting. The production involving the harp itself is fascinating, sounding more processed in the beginning and seemingly fading to an acoustic tone, evolving with the composition as new instruments are added in. Vocally, Stavros maintains a pure vocal tone and utilizes little to no vocal processing, lending a raw, innocent quality to the song. All in all, each new sound adds new exciting depth to the experience, creating an eclectic, kaleidoscopic atmosphere. "Corona" takes the listener on a journey of exploration as well as invention -- perfectly concluding Green and Glass' debut album.

You can listen to “Corona” by Lucia Stavros on Green and Glass, available through Bandcamp.

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