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Freya Beer elevates her glam goth noir sound in new single ‘Love Child’, a fateful tale of toxic relationships and lifting the veil on this external saboteur. The London-based artist does this with all the cool flourish of an old Hollywood screen siren and the dangerous flair of a femme fatale, all wrapped up in this alt-rock wonder. The track embodies this cinematic essence, inspired by Beer’s most coveted films like Suspria, The Love Witch, Valley of the Dolls and many more of those which reside in the shadows of screen storytelling.

Originating from West London, Freya Beer deftly mixes poetic lyrics inspired by Charles Bukowski or Anne Sexton, with a distinctive gothic noir of Nick Cave, Johnny Cash, and David Lynch.

Thank you for taking this interview! How has the New Year been for you so far as an artist?

It’s been going great thanks, I’ve been very busy with the recent release of my new single ‘Love Child’ and upcoming shows.

Can you tell us how you've transformed from the beginning to now as an artist?

I believe that developing as an artist just comes from experience and being in the industry for a couple of years now. You understand the different roles and skills which go into getting your music/art into the world.

How did you come up with your latest project?

My latest project ‘Love Child’ was inspired by an individual I came across during the pandemic. This was someone who I didn’t personally know, it felt like the situation which they brought upon me was rooted from a deeper place. I’m not afraid to raise awareness about the topic of ‘Gaslighting’, I never responded to this person's actions which they laid upon me so instead of fueling the fire I decided to write about it. To me that’s being the ‘bigger person’.

Where are you from originally?

I’m originally from West London but moved to the South Coast, Dorset, when I was a young child.

Where do you live now?

I currently live in London.

Do you think where you live impacts how your music is made?

Absolutely. We all have our life experiences to write about but where you choose to stay can affect the vibe of the music you create as I think that different places have different vibrations.

What was the inspiration to make music your career?

I think just growing up and being able to live in an environment where I wasn’t judged for what I wanted to do or be, my parents were very supportive and helped develop my love for music. Both my mum and dad always played music around the house, from Bowie to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

How do you want to shape your career?

I wish to have a successful music career as a performer and writer, and have a respectable reputation in my craft.

Do you work on a tight timeline always or do you go with the flow when it comes to your music?

Luckily I am able to ‘go with the flow’ when it comes to my music. I’m a very organised person.

How did your latest title of your music come to be?

When I wrote my latest single ‘Love Child’ I was listening to soundtracks by Angelo Badalamenti and Danny Elfman as well as watching A LOT of David Lynch films!

Is it hard to let go of the music when it is done?

No, I don't think so.

Do you feel an emotional attachment with your music?

Yes of course, the lyrics are always rooted from a place of my own personal experience.

How would you describe your music in one word to someone who hasn't listened to it yet?


Where do they go to listen NOW?

My music is available to listen everywhere… literally.

What has been the best fan reaction to your music?

For me the best fan reaction is when I’m on stage and I can see people enjoying themselves and dancing along. It’s very warming to me.

Is there anything exciting coming up for you?

Yes I have more gig and festival announcements coming up as well as recording new songs.

Are you performing the song anywhere LIVE?

Yes I have a couple of spring/summer dates coming up. Next stop I’m heading to is Bristol.

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