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Thanks for being with us today!  Tell us more about HAND YOU HOLD !

Thank you so much for your time and the interview for your wonderful publication. My writing partners and band members Henry McGill, Gary DiBenedetto along with myself are so appreciative of you. The “Hand You Hold” is a very special song to us as it pays tribute to Gary‘s precious daughter Memarie DiBenedetto. She passed on February 7, 2016, she was only 19. We filmed the video in a large local theater but honestly, we didn’t use the full band because we wanted an intimate setting with just Henry, Gary, and myself. We all practiced social distancing during the shoot and there were a very limited number of people on the set. Regardless of the quarantine or not I wouldn’t change a single thing about that video. It’s so beautiful to go with that lovely song to remember Memarie. I honestly hope it brings comfort to others that have lost loved ones as well as remind people to love and appreciate the ones that are still here. 

What was the main inspiration behind Nothing to Lose!? 

Gary D, Henry, and myself have been in the music business for a number of years always playing someone else’s material. I’m so thankful for the day the three of us got together and decided to put this project out. A dream never chased will always remain a dream. The album title “Nothing To Lose” boils down to three guys taking a chance and telling the stories of their lives. We are truly thankful for anyone taking time out of their lives to listen to what we have to say in our music. That being said, I am grateful for them and you. 

Tell us about the band and the inner workings of your writing process!

Tuesday nights are when the three of us get together at Gary’s studio. It’s such a refreshing stress reliever to break the monotony of the week when we get together to laugh, cry, and create. We compare notes of thoughts and lines that we may have written down over the weekend or the week before. I love seeing that spark in Gary’s eyes when Henry or myself say a line or a phrase that really gets his attention. You’ll see him spin around in that seat from behind that mixing console and he’ll say “we got her by the short hairs now boys!!!” Translation, “this is good or we’re getting close”. Lol

What are you most looking forward to in 2021?

There’s not a better feeling in the world to be on that stage and seeing your fans that love your music singing along and having the times of their lives. I’m praying hard for 2021 to have a vaccine for that terrible virus so we can all get back to some sort of normalcy.

What would you say to your younger self if you could? 

Your best blessings will come way later in life. Thirty is not old, and don’t stop writing in your notebook you’ll need a reminder of those thoughts later. Daddy was right, the “first love” is not the right one for you. 

You've had so many great openers!  Who has been your favorite so far?

That is an absolute wonderful question if you don’t mind, I would like to answer for myself, Gary and Henry as we’ve been together playing and writing music for a couple years but the three of us have been at it for many years and played with numerous artists. 

Gary D’s favorite was a few years back when he had the pleasure to open for Willie Nelson. What a great musical family that has toured together for many years. Gary had the pleasure to hang with them after the show one evening swapping stories from the road. 

One of Henry’s favorites would be Troy Gentry from Montgomery Gentry. He and Troy played several shows together when Henry was in a previous band. They would have plenty of great conversations about raising kids and writing music. 

My favorite would have to be the one and only Charlie Daniels. What an American treasure he was and nothing but a true gentleman. Any artist that has had the pleasure to open for him will tell you the exact same. He was always a giver of wonderful advice from the mistakes he’s made in life and with the music business. If you ever get a chance read his book “Never Look at The Empty Seats” and you’ll see what fantastic human being he was.  

Tell us more about Georgia and the Radio Story unfolding there

Local radio has been absolutely phenomenal with local support. We’re so fortunate that we still have quite a few locally owned stations in the South Georgia market and they’ve been so gracious with giving local musicians support with interviews and spins. 

We hear you're a lover of boats and BBQ!!  We are obsessed with both.  What's the best part about being out on the water with friends!?

Sunshine on the water, the cooler full and iced down, what more could you ask for? Nothing like a great day on the water with awesome folks, playing music we love it makes for an absolute amazing day!! 

How can we stay up to date with you? 

I would absolutely love it if folks would give me a follow and subscribe to keep up with what we have going on. I love it when fans reach out and say “Hi” on our social media platforms and my website.

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