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Creator, Instructor, composer, producer Lindsey Boullt has devoted his entire career to building excellence and community in the music world! Read more about why you need to listen to his music now!

Where are you located now and where are you originally from? I’m located now in San Francisco, CA. Originally from Texas, my paternal family is French Creole, and part of the diaspora from Louisiana. I’ve lived all over the U.S. as well. Who has been your greatest influence? Musically - I’ve played with incredible bassists, drummers, guitarists, singers, horn players, keyboardists, percussionists, all very influential. Compositionally, Jimmy Page, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Shakti, Rhabani brothers, Prong, Pantera, and all the great funk bands. And profoundly, my mother, Thelma Fry Martin who was a gifted pianist, and had a great love of playing music. What are the biggest highlights of your career, to date? There have been many cool moments. The culmination of the great moments is my signing with Gibson Guitar Brands/artist contract. The Gibson Artist contract is the most difficult artist contract to achieve, which makes for a great feeling of accomplishment. Prior to that, having my artist & album page in Billboard Magazine for 4 years was thrilling.

Educationally, a huge highlight for me, is having six of my guitar students be accepted to major music universities over the years. Are you performing LIVE soon? Possibly, I’m looking for a small local weekly gig in the Bay Area. I’m a full time guitar instructor, and teaching at 3 schools in San Francisco now, so I also look forward to my students performing live. What are you most looking forward to in 2022? Getting the world back to some kind of normalcy. How did you deal with all the changes in the past two years that the music industry has gone through? The music business has always been frustrating to try and keep up with. Short answer: The “2 gig system”. If a person decides to pursue an artistic career, that person must realize there is often a need to sustain two ‘gigs’ going at the same time. If one ‘gig’ hits a roadblock, the 2nd ‘gig’ keeps the artist moving. In California, even the tech billionaires understand this fact, it is so competitive here, and is so expensive to live here, that all of us know it will take extra effort to succeed in California, to be a Californian. The last two years, I’ve survived well due to the ‘2 gig’ mindset. My 1st gig was always performance, composing, recording, producing. My 2nd gig was always teaching guitar. The two have worked hand-in-hand all these years, and now have sustained my life in a time of pandemic treachery. What would you say to your younger self if you could? Don’t burn so many bridges. On a scale from ONE to TEN, how driven were you?

I was born into a very turbulent world, very few resources, very few life options. My perspective on the word ‘driven’ is similar to an immigrant succeeding in the United States and their concept of the term ’driven’, “Driven” is when you have an option to ‘quit’. To an immigrant, there is only “life or death”, there is no stopping, no quitting, only succeeding, only advancing. Only death, before you get there. During your career, when you were not feeling motivated how did you get back on track? First, don’t lie to yourself. If the artistic life is not for you, you might find yourself unmotivated. Your ‘voodoo soul’ might be trying to tell you something, telling you to ‘get out’, try something else.

But if you are an artist, a real one, then first - you must create a goal so big, so high up, and so impossible, that it scares you not to achieve it. Always cognizant of the higher goal. Always pushing. If you find yourself unable to advance, you must create an immediate goal of any kind that continues in the direction of your higher goal. If you feel overwhelmed, remember there are artists/players in the world that are ALWAYS motivated, that do not give up, that do not slow down. Those people are your competition, and those people are extremely gifted, talented, motivated, resourced, and will laugh at your demise. How much do you believe LUCK plays a role in success? Luck plays a role in everything. But don’t wait for it. “Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid”. How can we stay up to date with you? Please visit my website - Links to any social /music account you want to share?

Thank you!

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