"You seem to wear too many hats". Often said in a derogatory fashion, but the greatest compliment of all time!! HATS are such a gorgeous accessory don't you think? Have you ever noticed that only dangerously fun and fabulous people wear, own and/or buy hats? Have you ever been into a haberdashery or lost a few hours in a costume shoppe? And if so, my guess is that you weren't with a stuffy, old codger. It's a magical escape into fab town. Limits are for bores and one trick ponies. Fluff out your peacock feathers, light up your Christmas lights in Feb, dance in clogs on your kitchen floor while riding that multi-talented thoroughbred called LIFE. Then when you climb back down? Write about it, sing about it, book it, cook it, model it, photograph it and EAT it up, cuz LIMITLESS is DELICIOUS. mmmmmmmmm I'll have seconds GET WHAT YOU WANT Birdee Bow