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Know more about Kiely Connell

Where are you located now and where are you originally from?

I’ve been living in Nashville for the last 8 and a half years and I’m originally from Hammond IN.

Who has been your greatest influence?

I’d say my greatest influence is not necessarily one performer or artist but a specific era in two places. The Greenwich Village folk scene and the Laurel Canyon scene out in California in the 60’s. A lot of that music was my favorite music I had ever heard and it really inspired me to get writing. I think a lot about what it would’ve been like to get to experience those music scenes. I know I’m still learning so much from that time period today and I can only imagine what it might’ve been like to soak up that experience like a sponge.

What is your latest and greatest?

Well I’m finally getting to release my first LP “Calumet Queen” on November 12th now that the venues have opened back up. I have the first single dropping September 16th, the second single dropping October 14th, and the third single dropping OctoberIt’s very exciting to be putting out a project for everyone to hear for the first time in my life. I’m so proud of the work that my friends and I did on the record and I just can’t wait for everyone to hear it.

Are you performing LIVE soon?

I’m playing on the 22nd at the 21c Hotel and museum at 7pm with Rye Davis, George Shingleton, and Branden Martin, and then again on the 23rd at 8pm at the Bowery Vault with Lindsay Ellyn and Taylor Alexander. My album release show will be November 20th at the 5 spot from 6-8pm.

What are you most looking forward to in 2022?

I’m really looking forward to getting back out on the road and playing some shows for all of you along with writing a couple more songs to round out my next album. I’m just so happy to get the ball rolling and I plan to take full advantage of that.

How did you deal with all the changes in the past two years that the music industry has gone through?

The first thing I had to do was take a step back and reevaluate. I had to start doing Facebook live shows and things like that but mostly I needed to get everything in order so that I’d be able to drop my album as soon as things started opening back up. I definitely do feel like I’ve learned some things but I still don’t feel like I’m an artist who would enjoy doing a lot of live twitch streams and things like that. I just really feed off of the energy in a room and prefer to connect with listeners in person. When you’re playing online it doesn’t really give you the same joy that you get from playing for a live audience.

What would you say to your younger self if you could?

Comparison is a fruitless thought process. You are the only you so focus on being the best version of yourself that you can be instead of trying to be the next whoever. Just be yourself and do what makes you happy and give it your all.

On a scale from ONE to TEN, how driven are you?

I would say I’m very driven. I’ll give myself a 9 because we all have days when we want to give up. I think I suffer from what a lot of creatives suffer from. I have a lot of drive but no real concrete idea of what my end goal is and how I need to go about getting it.

When you're not feeling motivated how do you get back on track?

Sometimes I just have to let myself be distracted and get away from it for a while to come back more refreshed with a better approach. I have so many unfinished songs but occasionally I’ll dust one off that is still on my mind and finish it and it ends up turning out better than I ever imagined it would.

How much do you believe LUCK plays a role in success?

I think you can personally create room for “lucky” things to happen. We’re all working hard right? But a lot of times it’s the people who say yes to every opportunity because they don’t know what could happen who end up getting those “Lucky” breaks.

How can we stay up to date with you?

I post every important update about my music on my social media and website.

Links to any social /music account you want to share?

For press inquiries:

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