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Nashville Power House/ Justine Blazer on GROWING in the Industry!

Justine Blazer is a woman on a mission. A mission to take over the Nashville music scene with her incredible songwriting skills, cutting edge production abilities and no nonsense approach to being at the TOP of her GAME! We are honored to have her expertise and fabulous words of wisdom today. Check out Justine here: "If you're not feeling uncomfortable?  You're not GROWING!"  Justine Blazer

This is a very accurate statement for me. These last last few years I have made the transition from being 100% a recording artist and live touring musician to a hybrid role of producer, artist, songwriter and executive. I always joked with my peers that I am uncomfortable on a daily basis from trying to

constantly push myself further, learn and perfect of the art of audio, learning to be moldable and almost "chameleon" like working with so many different type of artists, personalities, music executives, other audio people and labels.  Trying to walk that fine line of all the roles but with grace, dignity, confidence and professionalism. 

I am proud of the journey I have been on thus far.  Not always been easy, even though tell me I make it "look" easy, I just try not to let me fear and insecurities takeover.  Lot so years of failures, attempt after attempt, learning through my mistakes and loving myself wholeheartedly.  It's taken me many years to say that and reach the point I'm at now and I am dang proud of it!  I am happy now to help others, encourage the weak and motivate the non-believers.  Everyday is challenge and uncomfortable but I am comfortable with being uncomfortable.   It's required for epic growth! 

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