“Realize the ambition in you & stop waiting for permission”

As a music coach I have the extraordinary privilege of meeting talented musicians in all phases of their careers, but more often than not, they’re at the beginning.  Ahhhhh the beginning!  It’s a glorious place to be.  Excitement, passion and an all-consuming desire to make it.

Upon asking an artist about their goals and future aspirations,  nine times out of ten the first answer is, we wanna make it!

It’s an interesting term isn’t?  Making it conjures up all kinds of visuals, like accepting a Grammy at Madison Square Garden, playing to a fully packed arena, or sometimes it just looks like a dynamic journey filled with musical performances and freedom from a 9 to 5 kinda life.  Whether making music for public consumption or recording it in a studio for the mere joy of creation, one thing is certain…making it is personal.

Making it means an infinity of things to different folks. It’s the reason I love the art of music and the spirit of artists in general.  We’re a quirky bunch of gypsies who won’t go willingly into a pre-fabricated, perfectly symmetrical, societal box.  However,  don’t think you know ANYTHING about what makes us tick, because just when you think you’ve got it figured out?  We’ve already reincarnated into our next creative transformation and the mission has changed. Yeah,  keep up.

One of my main objectives while working with artists is to decipher the passion behind the statement.  What does making it really mean to you?  I often tell them to write down all their goals neatly on a sheet of paper, read it aloud and then BURN it.  Now write down all your PASSIONS, because only our passions in life will continue to propel us onward in the toughest of times.  Goals are neat and tidy to talk about, but they’re hollow, cold and empty when the ish hits the fan.  And, let’s face it,  it inevitably will hit the fan now and again.  Choosing a life as an artist isn’t always the easiest path, although one of the most fascinating, adventurous and rewarding experiences of any lifetime.   It’s a gift to tell stories through music and touch another human being with your own melodies and rhythm.  When you reach another soul at the deep transcendent level, where only the language of music is spoken, it’s beyond powerful.  The world can only survive its own madness through the solace of music. We need artists like we need oxygen.

Maybe that’s what making it is really all about. Life, making it count.

Hepburn Hugs & Ric Ocasek Dreams Birdee Bow