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How to BRAND your BAND Branding=Everything

"There is no need for more artists or brands with no or low value. Are you being your best? Are you going all in?" Birdee Bow

When I first started out as a young musician, I thought the word branding was cheap. To me, it represented the sell out and the total admission that I might not be a performing artist for all the right reasons. I didn't want myself (or my band) to engage in these type of activities because the cool factor had to be unspoken, unfaltering and most importantly? ALL MYSTERIOUS. This way of thinking also kept me from a lot of fabulous paid modeling opportunities (which would have fed my starving LA band of five living in a one bedroom Santa Monica apartment) and other fun things which came my way early on. SO DETERMINED to never be viewed as anything less than a serious musician. I shunned most things that not only kept us starving musicians for far too long, but also kept me from the real me and possibly the real "us". Ahhhhh the perils of naivety.

What I know now, of course, is that building a brand and accepting your own passion and individuality is ALL about being true to yourself and wherever that self may take you. It's not about a big powerful machine, it's the machine YOU create with your passion, with your heart, with your vision. I challenge you to think about that statement today as you work on your new music, your new stage show or your new tour schedule. Is your individuality shining through? WHO CARES what your buddies from high school think or that one girl from your crappy day job who insists dreamers are ridiculous and corporate America is the only answer to real financial freedom. Orrrrr, on the flipside, that super INDIE DUDE who makes fun of you & rolls his eyes when you even mention a mainstream artist. Repeat after me:


Shut down the naysayers & negative static with your own actions. WHO CARES what someone else would do? This is the YOU and YOUR MUSIC show. YOU get to decide what your BRAND is, but you have to put some serious thought into your BRAND. Because your brand is everything.

Are you thinking locally or globally? We tend to think locally because, let's face it, it's all we know! We know our friends. We know our family. We know those 20 or so fans who come to every show. We tend to start pleasing others too quickly with our music and our actions, which can be detrimental to growth. Keep in mind, where you want to GO, not where you ARE.

Branding is crucial to communicate who you are & what meaningful light, lyrics, love & visions you want to share with the world.

Your niche is already out there & they're LONGING to find you. Make it all easy for them with consistency.

Is your brand consistent?

From the basics:

custom artwork

promo materials

social media

your website

to the magic:

Magical MUSIC

Engaging Interviews

Engaging video interactions

Engaging Social Media







Birdee Bow

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