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Parker McCollum releases new album, Hollywood Gold on October 16th.

Currently based in Austin Texas, Parker McCollum is a Conroe, TX native.  This  young artist is currently amassing 4 MILLION streams weekly on his latest single, Pretty Heart and is set to take over the world of country music with the heartstrings and emotional love songs of Hollywood Gold

Already penned as one to watch by Rolling Stone, Billboard, CMT and more, Parker knows a thing or two about setting the bar high and then exceeding expectations in a big way. 

We had the privilege of sitting in on Parker's latest press conference for Universal Music Group to learn more about his latest release and the stories behind the music. 

When asked about his favorite song, Parker reminisces about the writings that are most relevant in his day to day life.   Young Man's Blues is his personal favorite, lamenting the parallels of his growth not only as a musician, but also as an individual embarking on a professional career while leaving a lot of his heart back home.

Parker says his favorite thing about the country music industry is that it's still a genre where strong songwriting prevails.  He especially loves making a name for himself without the usual pop aspects.  In perfect unison, he also describes his least favorite part of the industry... the formulated pop currently controlling the country music airwaves.  However, he does admit to enjoying a good dose of it himself at times.  This is why we love Parker!  He speaks his mind with a refreshingly authentic honesty that is both endearing and intriguing at the same time.

Parker McCollum is a bright rising star with a down to earth Texas attitude and a Louis Vuitton worthy model appeal.  When asked by an interviewer when his LV cowboy collab will happen?  He just smiles and says...

"Wow, wouldn't that be great?"


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