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With an old soul and young heart, Christine Bauer has found an eclectic yet authentic way to inspire those who hear her music. Writing poetry which then led to songs during her school-aged years, the self-taught guitar player and singer-songwriter hopes to be heard and make an impact. She is still figuring out how to "make it to the big stage", but as a full-time, traveling ER nurse and part-time singer/songwriter, she has all the inspiration and motivation in the world to get there. She also has supportive friends literally from around the world whom she can’t thank enough. The human race is ready for change, ready for authenticity, and ready for an awakening long overdue. Christine hopes that through music and healing, much of that will happen. She feels grateful to be a part of both and looks forward to whatever happens next in her music and health careers!

Thank you for taking this interview! What has 2022 been like for YOU as artists? I can't believe we are headed into summer next month, 2022 is flying by! So far, this year has been inspiring; I feel there has been a shift and even though we are still surrounded by negativity daily (news, social media, etc.), I have personally felt a change in the atmosphere telling me to focus more on what matters most including my creativity and purpose/ passion. Can you tell us how you've transformed from the beginning to now as an artist? I'm becoming more confident and focused on what I really want to say in my songwriting. How did you come up with your latest project? "Heat Lightning", set to release on 5.27.22, was written with my co-writer and friend, Sarah Harralson, and was inspired by actual heat lightning we saw off the coast of Gulf Shores, Alabama during one of our yearly trips together. I absolutely love the theme and overall vibe of this song, it reminds me of the ocean and is one of my favorite songs I've taken part in writing so far! Where are you from originally? I am from the Omaha Metro (Nebraska). Where do you live now? I am currently a traveling ER Nurse, so it varies, but I make it back home regularly to see family and friends. I tend to get homesick when I'm gone for too long. It helps having music and podcasts to keep me company out on the road. Do you think where you live impacts how your music is made? Yes, definitely, locations and landscapes can make an impact as well as the people you meet wherever you go. I've been super lucky in my nursing travels to gain new friends and fans in each city I travel to along the way. What was the inspiration to make music your career? I love to write, and music has always been energizing and healing for my soul. Music is a form of energy and a way for me to connect in various ways. Whether or not it ever becomes a full-time career, it will always be a part of my life and something I hope to pass on to my family someday. How do you want to shape your career? I really hope to be recognized as a songwriter, but also enjoy the creative artist process as well. As long as I remain happy doing it and can inspire others is really all that matters. Do you work on a tight timeline always or do you go with the flow when it comes to your music? I go with the flow, which sometimes leads to a tight timeline! I'm a gemini, we tend to squeeze more things in than we can actually achieve in the time frame given! How did your latest title of your music come to be? I recently released a song called "Human Race" at the start of the year. The idea came to me while driving home one evening, which is a common occurrence for me. The title and theme sat with me for a while (having faith in this human race) and I knew what I really wanted to say, it just had to be articulated the right way. I'm very proud of the song, you should check it out! Is it hard to let go of the music when it is done? Not really, I'm always interested in what my next project is and haven't been lucky enough yet to give any songs away! We are getting there ;) Do you feel an emotional attachment with your music? I do, a song can be like a child for me. How would you describe your music in one word to someone who hasn't listened to it yet? Eclectic. I've been inspired by various genres and have been told as well that I fit different genres in music. Where do they go to listen NOW? Spotify, Apple, and anywhere else music is sold and streamed digitally! What has been the best fan reaction to your music? I was recently told during a show at the Key West Songwriters Festival that I had a very unique sound and did a wonderful job, which was enlightening. I feel terrible I forgot the fan's name, but if she is reading, I'd like her to know she has made a wonderful impact in my life! Is there anything exciting coming up for you? I will be recording vocals for my next single soon and hope to start playing more winery gigs later this summer and fall! Are you performing the song anywhere LIVE? I just might make a live appearance on social media in the near future, so follow me online and stay tuned! My social media handle is @christinebauermusic. I tend to be more active on Instagram. You can also find links to my platforms over at

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