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Kathryn, you are an inspiration to all! Keep up the good work!!

Hi Kathryn! Thanks for taking the time to chat with us today!

Thank you so much for this opportunity, incredibly thankful that you are giving me some of your time today! How does your music affect the world?

I think it is getting eyes and ears, to open a bit more to my style, and the message I am bringing. I try to also do this through visuals with creating music videos. We always try to be incredibly unique with the videos when showing another way to expand on the lyrics written, and to bring another life for people to witness. I consider my music Country Inspirational, a lot of folks want to say Christian, but I consider myself a Modern Country singer. I try and inspire to give people hope that these wounds that some people have, including myself, that have been opened for whatever reason, can all be healed, with the Grace of God, and music. Music for me and so many others is a healer, I honestly believe that. Who has been your biggest cheerleader as an artist?

I would say I have many friends and family, but I single out two is my youngest son and my best friend. My son, wow just so supportive of every song I turn out! He gets so amped, to get that MP3 to my song and play it in his car. He hikes a lot in Arizona. I hope I made his “hiking” playlist…he traveled this past year to the JMAs to share in my wins, that was such a special moment for me, I do not get to see him as much as I would like since he moved to Arizona 3 years ago. My best friend was there, also, my ex-mother-in-law and her husband as well. We truly had a tribe this year at the Josie Music Awards. And my best friend Karen, always pushing me, motivating me to keep breaking barriers. I will be 56 this year, and I know in the music game age can at times come into play, but those obstacles if you want to call them, are also my motivations, my humble blessings. She always says, “look at all you have accomplished in a short amount of time”. She pushed me to get back into Church several years ago and sing some prayers at Church before I could even grasp how God was working in me, I was kind of digging it... then when “He” totally had my attention, I was in the starting blocks ready for the gun to fire off. I have been running sprints ever since. Tell us about your latest release!

Oh my Gosh “You Above All”, or should I say first, Ava Paige! My goodness, what an amazing song to do with this 16-year-old gem! Then along with her, Michaela Clarke, Mary Haller, and Riley Bria penning the amazing lyrics at a retreat a year and a half ago. I went to Ava a few months after her Josie Music Awards win this past September and said hey, we need to do a song together, she was excited! And lest she knows I was even more excited! She pitched me some songs she wrote and some she wrote with others and “You Above All” grabbed my soul. Then I told her you must sing with me and play your guitar on this one and I came to Nashville and what a day it was... an emotional day for me of sorts. Sitting watching her knowing the day before her mother told me she had to take, I believe 12 chemo pills as she continues her battle with Leukemia. Total professional even when she was feeling a bit fatigued, she knocked it out of the park. So, I sat there at times in awe just staring at her, thinking of this young lady with the world ahead of her, the talent, her love for Jesus... I was not questioning God, but I was like... I hate this for her, but I know God does things intentionally and he is using Ava in a way none of us are aware of. What are you most looking forward to this year?

A few months back, I signed with Cavalla Records, out of Medina, Tennessee, they are a small registered American label with a huge heart! And this new journey has been so magical in every possible way. To get on the ground floor of a record label and help it grow... watch it grow... and for Cavalla it is not about any potential money to be made... It is about family, knowing each other, and being able to be there for one another it is so much more than music. We want to set the tone for people to see, we just love music... and we want to share it with folks… may sound corny but it is true in every sense of the word. We decided as a label and with the support of the songwriters, that all proceeds from my first release with them, “You Above All” will go to Ava’s Army. I have a new music video I am finishing up the treatment on for “You Above All” and I also worked on the treatment for my label mate, Matt Boone, for his new song coming out Feb 9th, “Main Street Heaven” – so February 17-19 we are embarking on Nashville and West Tennessee to do some music videos. I am excited, no I am over the moon! I have found a whole new love for doing these videos. I love it, every time I do a song now, people ask, "when is the video coming out?" How do you find peace in an often-chaotic world?

Always throwing myself into volunteering and specifically at my home church as well as my community church. Nothing like trying to help others get through something and it is also healing you at the same time. It is a beautiful thing to be drenched in. What does "making it" mean to you?

For just one person to tell me, “your song touched me” not that they liked it... that it genuinely did something for them, that is when you know you are doing something right, creative wise. Of course, you want everyone to “like” or “love” your music, but when it does something to help someone trying to get through something… wow, it is so good to hear that from another.

What have been some of your greatest achievements as an artist?

Signing with Cavalla Records! My gosh, so many cool things that have happened. It has been a short run so far, but it feels like an Olympic sized track I am on. In 2017 winning my first major music award as an Independent Artist at the Josie Music Awards in Nashville was like such an incredible “feel good” moment. I was like wow I really did this, THIS just happened! And, I have been blessed to have been nominated the last four years and have won! Twice, making the first-round voting ballot for the Grammy Awards! Then the blessing with being one of 10 women picked, for the Class of 2021 female country artist of color, for Color Me Country, which was created by the legendary songwriter/artist Rissi Palmer! I have had a music video on CMT (Your Love is Enough) as well as my last three videos on TCN (The Country Network) in Nashville. I got a proclamation from my hometown of Louisiana, Missouri acknowledging my successes for winning two awards at the JMAs this year! So, gosh so many Blessings, when I write these things I just smile in joy! Again, at 56 years of age, being an African American singing country music and a female... a lot of elements in that sentence that some people turn away from. I want them to turn towards it and embrace what women of color are doing in Country Music.

Where can our readers go to learn more about your projects?

Thank you for your time!

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