Elizabeth & Jameson,an award-winning folk duo based in Hertfordshire. Hannah Elizabeth and Griff Jameson have joined forces to create an acoustic indie-folk sound, merging their individual musical backgrounds of traditional folk and folk pop/rock.

Thank you for taking this interview! How has the New Year been for you so far as an artist?

It's been great so far thanks! We started the year doing bits and bobs of session work and using the lack of live gigs to get on writing our forthcoming EP! It's been productive in general really. We have been getting lots more live gig bookings as the year has progressed and things have been gradually opening up again for live events.

Can you tell us how you've transformed from the beginning to now as an artist?

I certainly think we've changed our approach to writing....we're getting a bit quicker if anything...also our live show is certainly a lot more slick than when we started! Always thought we had something worth pursuing though.....people seemed to be on our side from the start. We have really found a style that feels like 'ours' now - original songs with a focus on emotive storytelling, with acoustic instrumentation and our trademark vocal harmonies throughout!

How did you come up with your latest project?

I think with our debut album being about a place, and a number of songs written in the third person perspective along a theme in seemed only natural that we let the new material materialise organically. We wanted to indulge our minds in their focus on nostalgia and of wandering thoughts - of looking back / looking forward into our previous lives and at our life together now, which has been one of the themes that we've touched on throughout our lockdown songwriting.

Where are you from originally?

I'm from the South Wales Valleys and Hannah is from St Albans, Hertfordshire.

Where do you live now?

In the beautiful city of St. Albans!

Do you think where you live impacts how your music is made?

Hahaha! I think we certainly need to be courteous when taking over the front room with our recording equipment! Well, geographically we are fortunate to be living in a creative city and close to London which can provide us with opportunities, but also we are so fortunate to be living in a physical space that allows us to spend time being creative at home. That is something we are so grateful for.

What was the inspiration to make music your career?

I personally fell in love with playing music live when I was at school...playing an Oasis cover for a summer the rehearsal we ran the song to a hall full of excitable school kids....who asked us to play it again, thinking it was the only song we'd learned....we then launched into a cover of the Beatles' "Come Together" and the place erupted! Despite a small detour in acting, music has always played a part in how I earn my living.

How do you want to shape your career?

I think we're headed into a more production aspect at the moment so I can see us working with other artists and recording and writing for other people....possibly backing them up on tour too if the opportunity should arise... working more with other creative beings, basically! But I don't think we'll stop playing our own material live until we physically can't anymore. We love it too much.

Do you work on a tight timeline always or do you go with the flow when it comes to your music?

Deadlines are certainly good for giving you a kick in the right the same time rushing some things is detrimental to the process....a healthy dose of both I reckon (is that even an answer??). A bit of gentle pressure certainly helps us!

How did your latest title of your music come to be?

It came about after going through all the songs for the EP and seeing the theme that connects them all....Hannah said, "Dead Ends & Hand Me Downs" and it's stuck. It hints at the nostalgia of looking back in time, at the things that never came to be...but being happy with how things have turned out. And that, given the chance, you wouldn't change a thing.

Is it hard to let go of the music when it is done?

I think it's only hard if you think it's not quite finished....then you're never resolved...there's some material from my old band that I was never satisfied with... but the fans and followers like them so who am I to argue eh?

Do you feel an emotional attachment to your music?

If it's a deeply personal song....only when it's first being written....after that we're getting better at stepping back and thinking what's best "for the song"....if that personal verse/lyric is necessary or just there because we think it's cute. We do pour quite a lot of emotion into some of our songs and so we do feel an attachment to them to some extent, for sure.

How would you describe your music in one word to someone who hasn't listened to it yet?


Where do they go to listen NOW?

Spotify/Deezer/Youtube/Amazon all that jazz.....but we'd really rather you bought a CD from our website to be honest. You can visit to do that!

What has been the best fan reaction to your music?

We had someone recently write to us on social media and say they were learning one of our songs to play at their local Open Mic bigger compliment for us really - to love a song enough to NEED to sing it out loud yourself.

Is there anything exciting coming up for you?

The release of our first self-produced EP, a summer of festivals and an upcoming tour to promote the EP in the Autumn...we're just constantly excited!

Are you performing the songs anywhere LIVE?

We'll be doing a handful of the EP songs at every gig leading up to the tour in the Autumn...but they'll all come out together on those tour dates!

Give us all your socials and links so fans can link up with you!

Sure! check out our website

Or the usual social media sites...

and our spotify:-