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We love the country sounds and gorgeous vocals of LAUREN JAIMES!! We are ecstatic to share some of her fabulous insight with you today! Check out HOME IS WHERE YOU ARE here:

"How I stay authentically ME with my music!"  

Writing music can often feel like reading a diary entry out loud to a stranger. Because of this, it can be difficult and sometimes even scary to stay true to your genuine, unique voice. At the end of the day though, I remind myself that my music isn’t about me so much as it is about the listener. I write my truth in hopes that my lyrics will help someone out there feel less alone, or a little bit happier, or a tad more hopeful. I think about the idea of universality through specificity. If I’m open and specific and real about something, that specificity could be what someone relates to, in turn making it more universal. I want to be relatable, and if I can write a song that makes even just one person feel something, then I’ve done my job. "Women and Musical Freedom in 2020" 

I am happy that in today’s musical landscape women are encouraged to speak their mind more than ever before. However, we still have a long way to go in terms of freedom of expression. As an indie artist, it’s freeing to know that I have absolute control over my art; but if I partner with a label, I will have to tread lightly to make sure my voice as an artist is still front and center. In the genre of Country music, singing about topics like drug use or sexual orientation are still often looked at as taboo. The Pop genre is a good example of a genre that has been more welcoming to these voices. I hope that in the near future, the music industry will become more accepting of every artist’s individuality across all genres. Until then, I’ll keep doing my part to support and create authentic music that may not necessarily “fit the mold”.

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