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Give It Away

There are a lot of rules in life about giving things away.  Like in business for instance, you can’t give your services away for FREE (even in the beginning) as it would devalue and cheapen the very product & services you are trying to build.  You won’t very easily have a successful snack store if you give away free sodas and potato chips all day, no matter how kind and generous you wake up feeling.  Ok that’s an easy enough lesson to understand right?  I think we get it.

Now, flip that scenario around to inspiration and the pathway to finding your gift in life, now you GOTTA give it away.  The only real way to light your own path is to hold the candle for someone else.  Love, is the only thing in life that GAINS value the more you give it away.  So, today I challenge you to GIVE IT AWAY.  If you’re feeling productive and energetic?  Share your insight with someone else today by being part of their success. If you’re feeling motivated and empowered?  Lift someone up whose day isn’t looking so powerful.  If you’ve just found your passion in life and you’re on the biggest natural high of your existence?  Pass the excitement on to someone who’s still finding their way through the dark.  Put your iPhone down and pick up some pom poms and get to cheering.  Give encouragement away like zip-lock baggies filled with candy corn on Halloween.  WITHOUT A THOUGHT, just hand it out. FREE FREE FREE

Here’s some other FREE Giveaway Ideas

*Smiles *Hugs *Pats on the Back *Compliments *Meaningful words of wisdom *KINDNESS *M&Ms *Kisses on the cheek

After all, don’t we all LOVE a little FREE STUFF now & then?

May your M&Ms be peanut butter style

Hepburn Hugs & Ric Ocasek Dreams,

Birdee Bow

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