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We are so excited for your upcoming releases, Stacy!!!

Hi Stacy! Thanks for taking the time to chat with us!

Please tell us about your new release!!

My first release is called “Elighten Me”. It’s a very sensual song using religious references and making them sexy, which is also kind of twisted. But I love it!

The second release is called “Bottle it Up”. It’s a song about unapologetically exploring your sexuality. The hook is “We shouldn’t have to bottle it up”.

What was the creative process behind this release?

Both songs came very naturally. It’s always just me, Deanna Walker, and my producer, Ian Barter in the studio at Deanna's house. Ian is so cool... He always has me sit in the producer chair and pick which one of his tracks I want to work on. I’m usually drawn to darker vibes and you can definitely hear that in these songs. Then we just vibe on the track and start writing the songs!

How does your music affect the world?

I feel like my music has the potential to influence others to unapologetically be themselves.

Who has been your biggest cheerleader in your career thus far?

Definitely my mom. She has been supporting me emotionally and financially with a lot of this crazy music process and she’s never stopped since I was ten...

What does "making it" mean to you?

Making it first and foremost means being happy of course. But as far as my music career goes, I feel like once I’m on a headlining tour giving people the best show I can possibly give them is when I’ve made it.

What are you most looking forward to this year?

I’m most looking forward to the damn vaccine so I can go play a live show again!!!

What have been some of your greatest achievements as an artist?

I’ve opened up for so many famous country artists when I was one myself, however, I don’t feel that is my greatest achievement. Finally being myself as an artist and influencing others to do the same I would say feels like my greatest achievement...

Please tell our readers where they can stay up to date with your latest releases!

Go to my Instagram, @stacystonemusic !! I’m on there all the time and constantly updating everyone.

Thank you for your time!

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