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Get to Know What Empowers Katie Ferrara!

We are so excited about everything you're working on!

Hi Katie! Thanks for taking the time to chat with us today!

Please tell us about your latest release! What was the creative process behind your single, "On Her Path"!

I began writing “On her Path” using my loop pedal. I started with a beat and an egg shaker and then started jamming to some chords. I was very much moved by some of the images on water.orgs website-pictures of women carrying large jerrycans of water on their backs, holding children in their arms, working really hard, and walking long distances through the dust. I wanted the melody to take people on a journey and the general vibe of the song to be “worldly” because the water crisis is such a global issue. The lyrics came about after my co-writer Bob Brisco sent me some to work with.

How did the partnership between you and come about?

Bob, my co-writer on this song introduced me to Gary White who is one of the founders (along with Matt Damon) of I became interested in the organization after talking to Gary and wanted to do something to help spread awareness of the fact that not everyone has access to water. I think as a musician, one way to use my music to inspire people and change the world is through songwriting and creating art. Music moves people and connects with people’s emotions. It’s something relatable and a creative approach when talking about social change. When the song was finished, provided Bob and I footage to put together a music video. Having a visual really helped with the message of the music.

When do you feel the most empowered?

I feel the most empowered when I’ve taken all the necessary steps to prepare myself for whatever I need to tackle in my day. This means when I know that I can reach out to a friend or colleague for help, I have the physical and mental energy and I feel grounded in my beliefs.

In honor of International Women's Day, what female figure is inspiring you right now?

Right now I would say Linda Perry is someone in the music industry who is inspiring me right now. I’ve always wanted to produce my own music and she seems like a good role model for someone interested in taking that path. She has her own record label and can record herself, and empower other artists. I want to be like that.

If you could pass along one message to your fans, what would that message be?

If I could tell my fans one thing it would be thank you for continuing to support original indie music, especially during the covid pandemic. You are keeping many people’s careers alive!

Please tell our readers how they can stay up to date with you and your latest releases.

The best way to keep up with me is to join my email list on my website. Periscope (one of my favorite live-streaming platforms) is shutting down and although I’ve started new social media accounts like TikTok and Twitch, I’m not always active on them. Plus they are TRENDS. The main account I use is Facebook-but the email list just ensures we never lose touch through the years. I like to offer exclusive videos and recordings there.

Below are all my links:

FB and IG @katieferraramusic

TikTok @katieferraraofficial

Thank you for your time!

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