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Get to Know Coastal Town!!

Let's start with some info about you! Who you all are, how the band started, where you're from... Just anything you want our readers to know about you?

Coastal Town is a band from Vancouver, Canada! A family band from different families! It started as a songwriting / recording project that slowly morphed into a real band, which we definitely are. There have been somewhere around 15 collaborators involved in the making of our first album, with about 8 members in the core group. The youngest member is 14 years old and the oldest collaborator was his grandfather at 78, who played bass on a couple songs! The majority of the core group are in high school / university.

You have recently released some music! What was the inspiration behind it?

'Saving Daylight' was Coastal Town's first single, released just before Daylight Savings in fall 2020. For spring we enlisted dolltr!ck, a super talented EDM artist and producer, to make a dance pop remix of Saving Daylight which is out now. The song takes inspiration from the time change; Have you got a little sunshine I can borrow?

Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

We try to go wherever the song takes us in our songwriting, so our upcoming album will have everything from pop punk, alternative and indie pop. Oh, and a little song inspired by Daft Punk as well! Lately we've been really inspired by artists like Superorganism, beabadoobee, Clairo and mxmtoon.

Do you have upcoming projects coming up that you are excited about?

Yes! We just barely finished recording our first album before covid hit. Our last studio day was the week before lockdown in March 2020. We now have all the songs finished, and will be releasing them over 2021.

The main theme of this album is the concept of time and aging. Saving Daylight was our first release, and our second release was a song called All Empires. All Empires is inspired by the poem Ozymandias by Shelley, which shows how even the greatest monuments will eventually crumble and fall.

The album has 9 tracks and is divided into trilogies. Since our group contains multiple generations, the first trilogy is written for Gen Z, the second for Millenials, and the last for Gen X. As well, each generation has one song written in the past tense, one in the present tense and one in the future tense. Maybe we over thought this one a little bit.

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Thank you for talking to us today!

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