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Get to Know Bobby Murray!

Where are you located now and where are you originally from?

I’m from Maine—I'm a student at Bowdoin College in Brunswick but went to high school in New Hampshire. I’ve been here for 23 years now and would love to explore LA, New York, Nashville, etc.

Who has been your greatest influence?

I would say Stevie Wonder and Beyoncé. I have posters of both on my walls and would love to be able to perform like them. I love watching and listening to Stevie Wonder—he really just breathes music. I admire Beyoncé’s work ethic and dedication to creating new, original music.

What is your latest and greatest?

I just released "Planet 2." I’ve been working on it sporadically for a few years now. The vibe behind it is wanting to be in a different place and aspiring for something new. Frank Ocean really inspired me for this project. You’ll also hear a lot of hip hop/pop influence that was inspired by The Weeknd, Kanye West, and other modern artists. The project is a good mixture of quick-paced songs and ballads.

Are you performing LIVE soon?

At school, I play with a group of Bowdoin students called En Jamb. Mostly covers. We play at bars and restaurants downtown and you can stay up to date with all of our shows on our socials.

What are you most looking forward to in 2022 after experiencing 2 years of the pandemic?

Musically, I’m looking forward to starting a new project and performing live a lot more. I’ve been sitting with these songs for a long time now, so I’m glad to finally push them out and work on new music.

What would you say to your younger self if you could?

Don’t be afraid to put content out. I’m learning so much with the mistakes I’ve made, producing all my own music. Nothing is going to be absolutely perfect and it’s a learning process.

How can we stay up to date with you?

@champagnebobby1 Instagram

@champagnebobby on TikTok

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