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We are obsessed with your latest music and fabulous photos!! Tell us all about FROSTY!! Is writing a holiday song more challenging than a regular song?

Absolutely. It feels like everything has already pretty much been done with holiday songs, so it's definitely challenging to come up with a new idea that no one has done before that still embodies the holiday spirit. What are your favorite holiday traditions?

The day after Thanksgiving, my Mom and I always start decorating for Christmas and put a tree up. That's also about the time I'll start listening to holiday music. I also love making mulled wine and finding a new spot to look at Christmas lights every year! What gets you into the holiday spirit?

Definitely when the holiday music starts playing on the radio, and also Christmas movies! I'll begin watching some of those next week! More holiday music on the way or any other surprises up your sleeve?

This is my only Christmas release planned for 2020, but I would absolutely love to work on more original holiday songs as well as Christmas classic songs to release in the future. You can definitely expect more music from me in 2021 though! Please tell us what we can expect on your musical horizon for 2021?

As mentioned, I still have more music I would like to release next year, and I absolutely hope to be getting back into playing more live shows as well. INSTAGRAM

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