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Followers vs Believers

Working in the music industry, I deal with a lot of promoters, booking agents and venues daily. Without doubt, this is the question I hear 200 times, daily: "HOW MANY FOLLOWERS DO THEY HAVE?" Ok, yes, I get it. They wanna know how many people you will bring in the door, how many potential folks you know who will buy drinks, dance til 2 am and rock until the place closes down. Makes perfect sense! It all works together, however, here's my reply in the form of my own question, Do followers equate to believers? I guess we would all like to think that yes, of course! All followers are big champions of my music, of my art and most importantly, of ME! However, I think the truth is much more likely to be, some followers are just curious. Maybe they're bored, maybe you just posted that one thing on that one day that hit them hard & they pressed that follow button. Are they invested? hmmmmm probably not. So herein lies the dilemma. How do we form the believers who then become our followers on this dreaded necessity called Social Media? I think the answer is still organic. I think the answer is still connection. I think the answer sill lies within the breathing pulses and heartbeats behind the cold computer screens of our cellphones and macs. I think believers ( ie followers) have some questions of their own, like... What have you moved me passionately with lately? How can I feel value from your art? Can you add something meaningful to my world? WHY should I believe? Until Followers are directly connected to passionate believers? I'll probably continue to take it all with a grain of salt and a dash of Twitter BE A FORCE Birdee

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