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A few wise words from our lovely client and Bsquared Model BETH MUECKE!

The notion of staying "Fit and Fabulous at any age" can sometimes feel like a chess're not sure which move to make and not sure of the outcome. So let's start with the basics. Fitness is of the body and Fabulousness is of the mind and soul. As we gals get older, both our minds and bodies change. How we feel about ourselves throughout the decades can change. Society says we should stay skinny and young, yet we should all strive to live to be 100. Well, you can't do both! But, you can embrace every decade with appreciation and gratitude. You can adjust your routine to take care of your physical self and you can adjust your life choices to take care of your feeling of fabulousness. Fitness is a personal venture for each woman. There are gals who like to walk, bike, yoga, dance, play tennis, ski, swim or run. It doesn't matter which you do, as long as you are in a fitness routine that makes you happy and you engage in the activity of your choice for at least 30 minutes/4 days a week. This will keep your body leaner and meaner. It will allow you to age with better muscle strength, more agility, better balance and exercise also keeps your brain sharper. Any form of movement (my favorite is dancing at music festivals) releases endorphins, which also give you a sense of happiness and calmness. So turn up the music, no matter where you are, and start moving! Afterward you can treat yourself to some relaxation! Also, a healthy diet, low in starches, is a must for a healthy bod. Keep up the protein (in whatever form you choose), fruits and veggies.

Fabulous on the other hand is a state of mind. It's a state of self worth and self actualization. Being who you truly are and engaging in activities that truly make you feel fulfilled will make you feel fabulous about yourself. This applies to women of ALL AGES. When I got to my fifties, I became a single woman and an empty nester. I decided at that time to turn the spotlight back on ME. I put it out to the universe that I wanted to become, no matter what my age, the person I was meant to be. In my case, I started a fashion blog, dressed how ever I wanted, started dating and went to countless music concerts. This behavior made some people uncomfortable, but I kept on doing it because no one else was responsible for making me feel fabulous except for me. I am turning 60 this October and am so grateful about how I chose to live my 50's and excited to take the LEAP into my 60's. GO OUT THERE LADIES AND DO YOU!!

Beth Muecke

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