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Feelings & The Music Business

It’s not about feelings, the music business is just about business that’s all.”

This statement floors me and I’m constantly amazed at how often I hear it. The music business IS Feeling because business is about money. What generates money thru music my friends? FEELINGS, PASSION and ENERGY!! Without those three very important factors, the music biz would be completely bankrupt.  History.  Poof!  Gone. Zero records sold.  Zero concert ticket sales.

I have the very unique perspective of an artist who has now worked on both sides of the entertainment realm.  Now, as an entertainment manager and artist publicist, the long list of ahaaaa moments in my days are uncanny.  Having started this musical journey years ago as a songwriter and singer, I now have the pleasure of helping emerging artists develop their craft.

I recently dealt with a promoter who diligently worked to demoralize the spirit of my young artist while in his venue, I had to wonder why.  Why was he in this business of art and sharing thoughts & ideas through music?  Why was he compelled to disrespect a very young girl with a bright future?  Why was he in such a nasty mind-set that berating another human seemed like a good idea at the moment?  Is it because he too was told somewhere along the line… “It’s not about feelings, it’s just about business.”

Well, I’m here to call you out.  All of you who are mindlessly barking this meaningless, robotic statement out into the world as if it’s a fact, STOP.

THINK before you speak.  THINK before you leave emotion at the doorstep, because you don’t know the feelings behind the music and the courage to CREATE the feelings that will leave your paying audience members wanting for more. THINK about the vulnerability it takes for an artist to share their own personal experiences through words and song to MOVE that paying audience of yours to buy more tickets.

This particular artist was struggling with the anniversary of her mother’s death. This particular artist was struggling with anxiety by moving forward through her music and with the power of her art.

THINK Because every action is a domino effect. You never know what another human is battling. THINK with feelings and kindness & the business will flourish.

If  you are alive, FEELINGS and ENERGY are everywhere. And if you’re emotionally dead?  Please don’t work in the music industry, because we artists are a very bright, bushy-tailed ALIVE  and full of FEELINGS bunch.


Birdee Bow BSQuaredMGMT

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