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How does your music affect the world?

The world?! Wow that’s a tall order. I like to think that it could make people feel less alone, or seen or validated in the way that only music can do. I look at a song like “Exhausted,” and while I’m self-aware enough to know it’s not, like, world-altering in its message of “this sucks, I’m tired,” I do think there are people out there who need a song like that, to almost give them permission to feel that way. That’s what I

use music for, after all - as permission to feel the way I do.

Who has been your biggest cheerleader as an artist?

I have two incredibly supportive parents, but my dad is definitely pulling most of the weight in the “cheerleading” front. I swear I get a message or call or text with some version of “I’m proud you” every day. I 100% do not deserve my dad.

Tell us about your latest release!

The only song on my EP that had yet to be out in some capacity is “Exhausted” so I’ll focus on that. Basically, I started a long distance sort-of relationship smack dab in the middle of quarantine, and over the course of months, facetime and talking and really getting to know each other, I was invested. But, right when we thought it was going to become something more, it ended due to circumstances out of our

control. So now on top of the world falling apart around, well, all of us, I now had to start all over romantically. But I was just emotionally drained. So I brought the chorus and first line to 2 of my favorite co-writers and we finished the song and recorded it that day. “Exhausted” ended up being my favorite song on the EP and a perfect finish to a project I began a year and a half ago.

What are you most looking forward to in 2021?

Concerts concerts CONCERTS (fingers crossed). Also I’m releasing my absolute favorite body of work I’ve made yet, so that’s exciting. How do you find peace in an often chaotic world?

I watch sitcoms (Schitt’s Creek & New Girl are my most recent conquests), re-read “Love Does” by Bob Goff, drink good whiskey, and play far too much Settlers of Catan. What does making it mean to you?

I’ve actually had the same answer since I started pursuing an artist career: Performing for a packed room (I do not care how large) of people singing my songs back to me. People who aren’t just my friends or music peers, but people that my music has had a real effect on.

What have been some of your greatest achievements as an artist?

Literally anytime someone messages me something like “your song (blank) is literally what I’m going through right now” or something along those lines. I love that.

Where can our readers go to learn more about your projects?

Right now my Instagram and Tik Tok (lol) are probably the best places to find out about my new music or just to get to know me! I post about my releases and also occasionally snippets of upcoming songs or stuff I literally just wrote! INSTAGRAM

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