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Embracing All That We Are with Jazmin Kylene

Jazmin Kylene is a women with wisdom ahead of her years and a steadfast grip on a dynamic career as a freelance writer and on-air host. Learn more about Jazmin here!! "Women Empowerment and New Strides in 2020"  When we think of female empowerment, our viewpoint can be very one dimensional. We often see women who are ironclad, tenacious, don’t take no for an answer. Natural born leaders who serve as the megaphones of equality. And I’m here to challenge that. While these women, who stand on their podiums boldly and loudly, play a major role in the ecosystem of evolution, we need every role fulfilled. We need to show the world that women come in a variety of hues and that each of our individual shades is equally important. They are layers to each and every one of us because if there weren’t, we simply wouldn’t be human beings! Some of us are more comfortable being in the frontlines, while some of us prefer to do our healing in private. Some of us like to exist as grounded individuals, while others find comfort soaring in their daydreams. But there is room for all of us, and we are capable of embracing all that we are, all the time. Change doesn’t happen when we send our toughest warriors to battle. Change happens when we challenge the narrative on who a warrior is, and learn that it actually includes the voices that are loud, quiet, and in between.  Life is made up of spectrums and duality; we need opposition in order to have balance. Dark needs light, yin needs yang. But it’s not a matter of existing on a certain end, but rather embracing that you ARE both ends. You are a child full of wonder and a sexual goddess who radiates desire. A healer who exudes light and a shadow who finds comfort in the darkness. 2020 is the year where we embrace our authenticity and step away from the habit of shrinking ourselves in order to fit the labels society places on us for the sake of maintaining the status quo. It’s the year we cease to dim our lights so that we don’t blind the world. Your sparkle is important babe, and it’s too powerful to be put in a box. It isn’t the volume of your voice that empowers you, it’s owning your voice and every layer you choose to be.

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