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Don't Sense me Out.

When did we all forget that music is FUN? Music is joy and laughter and dancing in your underwear singing at the top of your lungs off key. Music is memories and excitement and that feeling when your crush lets you know they've been crushing on you too. It's heartbeats and tears and melancholy butterflies, private SMILES in the rear view mirror when you're driving down the 101 and that one song reminds you of being 18 in the summertime. THIS is why artists have the potential to make the big bucks!! It's because those are the feelings and the emotions that only artists know how to create. They create this with passion and dedication to their instruments and their craft, NOT with their sensibility. Wanna know what music is NOT? It's not sensible. Music is NOT sensible. It is not sensible. Repeat after me. NOT. SENSIBLE. Please don't try to make it all so sensible. It's the one huge mistake I hear musicians make every single day. I'm sorry guys, it's never going to make sense. And if it makes sense? Then, I'm pretty sure that's going to be the trajectory of your career. Sensible, boring and not that passionately enlightening. Was it sensible for Prince to dance in women's high heels backwards while jumping in circles with his guitar? Do you think sensibility was on Madonna's mind when she moved to NY at 19 with 50 bucks in her pocket? I'm pretty sure sensibility didn't come into play when Elvis gave up that really good truck driving job (after a life of poverty) to try and push that unknown recording his mama really loved from the Memphis Recording Service. Point is? If you want a sensible career? The bank is hiring. We're in the business of dreams and passion. Yes, some things need to make sense, but please don't logistics and algorithm yourselves to death if you're an emerging artist. Your passion will make the difference. Your ability to roll with the show and create magical moments for music lovers WILL bring the monetary gain & the satisfaction. Remember, most of the world is already KNEE DEEP in sensibility all day long... be the reprieve. The music and the mastery of your craft will carry you to the dream. Relax, lighten up. Believe. If you spend your time honing your craft and focusing on passion, all those sensible bankers in your audience will be rushing to buy your records (singles, downloads wtv) and THAT my friend you can take to the .... Yeh, you get it. BE A FORCE Birdee Bow

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