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Diving into the Soundscape of Eric Alexandrakis’ “Terra”

By: Kendra Muecke

The soundscape that producer Eric Alexandrakis creates through “Terra” is full of movement and immersive electronic synthesizers. Through storytelling and dramatized rhythms, he paints a picture for the listeners, inviting them to listen to his tale.

Starting with a theatric sound effect of a robotic woman speaking over a PA system. The intro to Eric Alexandrakis’ recent music release “Terra” is prolific and haunting. With 28 tracks, the Grammy nominated artist shows the listener how much depth a musician can have.

In the case of this album, the storyline follows the topics of life, inspiration, turmoil, love, and despair to the backdrop of a loving person who seems to travel often and observe people while doing so. Eric’s sound reminds me a lot of: Black Moth Super Rainbow, Animal Collective, Black Dice, The Orb, Basement Jaxx, The Flaming Lips, The Beatles, Syd Barrett, Linkin Park… to name a few…

Actually, this tends to be a favorite genre for me… Diving in more, I really dig “Rainy Day”. It’s upbeat, and yet deeply lyrical and introspective. The witty creativity of the song is paired with new wave surf rock riffs that vibe out through the song. Following this is the psychedelic offering of “A Little Bit of History”. While enjoying this track, I kept thinking about the history of rock ’n roll and about my own story with music. It’s so transcendent, and Eric’s quality of placing certain types of sounds together captures that well.

With a rock background as the driving force to a good portion of the songs in “Terra”, Eric Alexandrakis is able to draw in a late 1960’s pop style mixed with modern audio clips. The medium of his recording process for “Terra” is important too. Eric was well-rehearsed and poised upon preparing to record everything on a 16 track recorder with no more than two takes or so per track. His nostalgic expertise in the realm of electronic lo-fi pop revives new wave in a new school way.

Eric shows this through the song “Mediterranean Sun”. The drums were done by Steve Ferrone (Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers) and bass by Duran Duran's John Taylor. Eric carries the listener through the album with charming melodies and captivating English serenades.

His track “Outside” tantalizes one to appreciate their surroundings in life with potentially a couple Celtic influenced sounds. “Come Fly the World With Air Terra” brings us back down to earth or further out, depending on your perspective. Truly a masterpiece of personalized art that is worth checking out. My recommendation is to listen to the full work of “Terra” all the way through from start to finish. “Buckle your seatbelt, and place your tray tables in the upright position…”

Check out “Terra” by Eric Alexandrakis on all platforms: Listen on Spotify: si=k8sGOHfNR_6Y4u-sadH0kw

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