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Deciphering Dreams

“The stars play to an empty house during the day when the sun is shining,..some rare beautiful things can only be seen when it’s dark.” 

I once read that dreams don’t come true, they are true.  A witty sentiment for sure and one that conjures up feelings of both comfort and uneasiness.  If dreams are truths, then how do we go about finding out these true meanings so we can interject that meaning into our lives?  I very rarely have bad dreams, but oh when I do, they are truly horrible.  The kind of dreams that will literally leave me reeling for hours if not an entire day.  Sometimes I can trace them back to something I may have eaten or a bad bedtime viewing choice, but often there is no known culprit.   The mind is an interesting place filled with subconscious messages, warning signs and truths about our own spirit.  I’ve been told that our spirits become so covered up & altered over the years that dreams are the only way to awaken our truth back into existence.  Maybe dreams serve as reminders of what we’re really all about, cautionary tales wrapped in bizarre situations with only one agenda.  An agenda to ask ourselves the question why.

“Why did I dream that?”

Because maybe when we forget to question, while in our conscious state, we somehow become locked into auto-pilot. I choose to believe that dreams are less about deciphering truths and much more about kicking us out of our own complacency.  And who knows better than our own subconscious when we need a good swift kick in the pants?

I recently learned that bears don’t dream during hibernation because they never actually go into REM sleep (the state of sleep necessary for dreams to occur).  The bear must always be ready to react to external stimuli for survival and therefore doesn’t have the luxury of dreams.  Yeah, never poke a sleeping bear.  He may not look it, but he’s ready for you.

May you dream that you can fly. May you wake up feeling light.

Hepburn Hugs & Ric Ocasek Dreams

xo Birdee Bow

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