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Emma Goldberg is a French musician, singer, author, composer, DJ, Radio host and musical journalist.

Emma was born in France, she began her career when she was student, little stages and bigger ones came, her first album and many albums later, she went on tours in Europe, making songs in trains, and then began the great adventure in Paris and its big studios.

Let's discover Emma Goldberg and all her universe!

Thank you for taking this interview! How has the New Year been for you so far as an artist?

Thank You so much for inviting me, I am really honored to be with you all !

This year is very interesting, I made several collaborations with abroad, USA for the most important part of the year in my work as an author, composer and singer. The first one will be there in May with a new song we wrote with PHI OF KHEM = "THRILL ME" .

I am finishing today the montage of the video today and I will begin the promo soon.

I am working with a team on a musical comedy for 2024 in France, the team is really great and very profesional, very nice with me, they are so wonderful, several great musicians are making the songs with all of us, a very great project. 3 Names of the composers and musicians of the musical comedy are Deep Forest, Tai Phong and Cecil Corbel.

Real great international persons and artists, Tai Phong will be on May 27th in my column "JUST LIKE EMMA"of Lazie Indie Magazine, I had the big luck to interview this famous international band for their 50th birthday of creation this year, Khanh is a good friend of mine and he accepted this interview, a beautiful soul and a real great musician, I admire them !

And I will make another collaboration with someone in the USA, coming back to the recording studios, much work in progress and a great preparation with them, i can say 2 things, it will be blues and Nashville, Tony if you read me, (wink)

And for the other part of my activity, I go on on 242 RADIO UK with my radio shows twice a month "JUST LIKE EMMA"to discover indie artists to put them on the spotlights of the station, my director is a great person and I am working with beautiful souls in that team of 242 Radio UK.

And I joined LAZIE INDIE MAGAZINE, the director Jay of the Magazine asked me in december to join them for a column "JUST LIKE EMMA" and I accepted. It's a great moment of my life, once a month I make a column on an indie artist to put him/her in the spotlight in the columns of LAZIE INDIE MAGAZINE.

When I am not in recording studios, recording my songs, I am working for Lazie Indie Magazine and 242 Radio UK, for the indie artists too, and the musical comedy too.

Can you tell us how you've transformed from the beginning to now as an artist?

When I was just a student, I began with a piano on a tour in Poland and now I am working with my own recording studio.

26 years separating these two events, all the technologies changed my Life forever. I am still free and independent, I learnt so many things, I can help other artists, for collaborating, it's easier even communicating on networks, all is really different and goes faster.

I am more often in the recording studio and I will be back on stage too, my songs are different too, sounds are different, and the colour of my songs are different too, more electro, I developed the subjects I wanted too

and a new generation of Fans is there.

It's a real luck to be here again and to be listened to for my new songs, They are immortal ! And it's a real pleasure to read letters of fans who are writing to me,

(many of them are from abroad and different countries)

" my parents made me discover your songs and I am a fan of You".

Wow, I am so lucky !!!! Sometimes I am touched and very impressed !

How did you come up with your latest project?

It's a friend of mine who was talking about the great composer Phi Of Khem,

I decided to program his music in my radio show "JUST LIKE EMMA"

and he proposed to me to make this song together, our new song "THRILL ME" .

I began to work in my recording studio and the new song is here for May, on the radios soon and on networks, you just have to wait a few days, we will be there to make you discover this great new song "THRILL ME" !!!

Enjoy !!!!

Where are you from originally?

I am from France, I am French, I travelled a lot because of my tours, I met many different Cultures, I even worked with a musician of Stevie Wonder, My Dear Friend Mao Otayeck, I was so lucky and I still am because he accepted to be my guest in my song "MADIBA" (Youtube) a tribute on Nelson Mandela

I wrote that song after Nelson Mandela's Death. I was so sad, and after the demo was ready, Mao agreed to sing that song with me

We are still friends in Life and Music !

Where do you live now?

I am still living in France, maybe in the next few years I will live abroad, why not in the UK or USA, we are thinking about that for the next few years because more and more musicians want to work with me and I think one day, I will move for that main reason. I enjoy all the projects that musicians are proposing to me, it's so exciting, I really live for Music!

Do you think where you live impacts how your music is made?

Yes of course, my inspiration is different if I compose one song in one place or another. I used to compose a music "Pologne" in my first album when i was on Tour in Poland, in the big great Theatre of Gdansk, a magical moment in my Life, I used to compose songs in trains, I used to compose my Song "You're the only one" with my piano and candles at home ...Three moments, three different colours of music, very different,

the places I am living and where I am influenced me for composing my songs and It will be again and again, that's All my Life of Composer and Artist, that is my Soul...

What was the inspiration to make music your career?

First, I went to several music schools, all my childhood, I learnt several instruments of music, Piano, Guitar etc etc. At the Faculty, I was learning Languages and Literature, I speak several languages, that helps me every day in my career. One day, I came to go on with my studies and I needed to find a job, (it's a real story) I opened the newspaper and the first announcement was "searching for a singer for a piano bar" close to my new flat of students. I began like that, I had the job, I was at the Faculty of Literature and I began as a singer on cabaret, i met a producer, I made my first album, I played all instruments on my album, I began big stages in first part of famous band,

and then, someone proposed to me my first tour abroad, and Just like that, My career began!

How do you want to shape your career?

My wishes for the next three years are going to be working with all the teams I am working with, coming back on stage later, recording all the songs as we do now and making all the projects I am dreaming, exactly as I do now.

It's a real dream, living my dreams and making the songs I am dreaming of.

So I will go on exactly than Now, "nothing can stop us now" as the famous song says ! (Starship, a famous band from the 80's) And I just want to dream about my Life forever!

Do you work on a tight timeline always or do you go with the flow when it comes to your music?

Yes, it is a tight timeline for the reason I am running through all the projects and the radio shows and columns, The rhythm of my timeline is sustained, we go very fast on everything and we have a deadline on each and every project, that's why this is so exciting, and the most exciting thing is the projects are always for abroad, I work less with France, it's rare. The UK and USA definitively adopted me!

So I go on with them and I am really happy like that!

How did your latest title of your music come to be?

With Phi Of Khem (USA) we decided to work together and make our new song "THRILL ME".

I recorded in France and he made his part in the USA.

For the video, there is also my Dear friend, the firm Yume Origins for special effects.

You will discover in a few days the video and we will begin the promo on radios from everywhere, you will find our song everywhere on networks.

Is it hard to let go of the music when it is done?

OH yes ! I’m like a mother who doesn’t want to see her child take off and grow up too fast. I am always sad a few days when I finish a project, maybe it's the reason why I am always running through the projects so fast! And to be honest, working with such great people Like Phi of Mao, we never want to see the end of a project, after the creation, this high time for the promo, it's another exercise, every radio wants a part of its own story. It's another rebirth...

And We go on to another project, another team, we meet other souls and thrills,

it's a wonderful Life making music with musicians. All my Life !

Do you feel an emotional attachment to your music?

Oh Yes! Each time, I am in my world of creation, each time I give the best of me to My Musics, My Team and friends, My Fans, I give everything! Nothing is stronger than creating a song and giving the Best of me to my Fans !

How would you describe your music in one word to someone who hasn't listened to it yet?

Daydream ! All my Music is a Daydream, all the time, from the bottom of my soul, it's a Daydream! Forever!

Where do they go to listen NOW?

Everywhere on radios, networks, in radio shows, on 242 Radio UK and LAZIE INDIE MAGAZINE, lolol . On their phones, on TV, everywhere in the world lololol

Just wait a few days, we are arriving with "THRILL ME" ! You can also subscribe to my pages


What has been the best fan reaction to your music?

Oh my God, what a beautiful memory!

One day, I was on stage with my piano, I was beginning my song "AU BOUT DE TOI" of my 1st eponym album, and suddenly, thousands of people were singing my song with me, I let them sing the chorus, they lit their lighters all over the concert hall, an ocean of voices sang my song "AU BOUT DE TOI" (the english version is "FLY") from my album, it was magical.

Is there anything exciting coming up for you?

Singing with my fans my songs on stage.

Are you performing the song anywhere LIVE?

For the moment, I will be very often in recording studios for all the songs I am preparing abroad, USA and UK. Maybe later I will be back on stage, many producers, friends of mine are thinking about me, we just have to program our agendas, they are waiting for my decisions, wait and see!

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Thank you for this interview!

Thank you so much for welcoming me, I am so happy. I send To you, To All the readers of your magazine and To all your team, all my tenderness.

Kisses from France, Emma!