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Hello Dawn!  Thanks for gracing our November 1st Cover!  We're excited about your new Christmas Release!  How are you feeling about it?

Over the Moon Crazy Excited!! The song is titled Home With Him (for the Holidays)! OMG!!! I hope you love it as much as I do! It is my very 1st Christmas song release fabulously produced by Justine Blazer with Ten7Teen Studios!! It is extra special because it was written by ME & Hit Songwriter Corey Lee Barker @MC1NASHVILLEPUBLISHING! What was the inspiration behind this new music? 

Love & the magic of Christimas! This song was written with Hallmark in mind! It is a warm, fuzzy, "dance around the fireplace," fun, feel good, uptempo wishlist for Santa! When do you know a song is finished being written?  

For me it is usually after several tweaks and structural changes when the song flows musically and lyrically it makes the listener feel connected to its message. What are your favorite Christmas songs?  O Holy Night, Rockin Around The Christmas Tree, Mary Did You Know? and my newest fave Home With Him!! How do you get pumped up for the holidays?  

Well after getting plumped up during Thanksgiving Day it is easy! Once dessert is served (the dishes can wait) our tree goes up! Instantly the kid in all of us gets revved up anticipating Christmas morning! What has been your favorite holiday so far?

The child in me gets caught up in the spirit of Christmas because everything is so magical...the lights, music, glitz, the sparkle, the peace! It is the time of year the desire to give pulls at my heart strings and I get to secretly trade places with Santa!♡ Did we see your gorgeous face on the NASHVILLE BILLBOARD SIGN this week??  YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! That was ME!!! Up in lights by Blackbird Media downtown Nashville where 16th Ave and Broadway split! So exciting!! Photo credit to the Amazing Goldy Locks @factoryphotographybygoldy & Hair/Makeup by  the fabulous Lorrie Bradshaw! What does 2021 have in store for you? Lots of love, laughter, a peace of mind and a grateful heart!  Definitely more Music,  a New EP, and my New Podcast "Been there, Dawn That!"! Hopefully live gigs will return and I will be back on stage and residing in Nashville full time! My 2021 vision board is huge!! ♡ Where can our readers stay up to date and get as much information on your next moves as possible?  Spotify, Reverbnation, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

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