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Bquared Magazine asked the lovely Daniella how she found her true authentic voice with music and here is her fabulous answer! I love this question! Growing up in the music industry, you’re always getting feedback and criticism on the way you look, your lyrics, your melodies, just everything! And it’s like you want to be “good” so you start getting really formulaic about the way you dress, and the way you compose your songs, to make sure everything's “perfect.” After doing that for so many years, you start to feel like you just NEED to be a rebel and try “your own thing.” And that’s exactly what I did. Last year, for the first time ever, I wrote a song, loved it, and recorded it. No re-writing, no over thinking, just going with me GUT and stepping into “the sound” that felt right for me (Pop Country + EDM fusion). Kind of like “dirt road meets DJ.” And that’s how my single “White Tee” was born. NOT questioning my work was huge for me, and that’s how I KNEW I finally found my authentic voice, my true brand, what “me" in the music industry looks like!  INSTAGRAM

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