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Dances, Chances, Sparkly Boots

How many dances have you passed up in life? I know I've passed up a lot. Maybe I wasn't feeling the music, or maybe my shoes seemed too dowdy for the dance floor. Maybe the offer didn't seem to fit into my schedule. Maybe I didn't feel like the moment fit my mood. Whatever the reason? It's rubbish. We gotta take those dances, because one day we'll only remember the dances. The dances will be the thing and everything else will seem like filler. Dances and chances. They both seem impossible sometimes, because JUMPING in is really scary. I've found that a pair of sparkly shoes can really quiet my fears. If we're lucky we'll all be 90 one day. If we're REALLY lucky, we'll still be dancing in our sparklers... Sparkles & Chances BE A FORCE Birdee Bow

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