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We caught up with the artist known as DaChri for some enlightenment and wisdom thru music this morning! READ ON... People are constantly asking me who I am as an artist. “Are you a pop guy, an r&b guy, why are you rapping?” My answer is this: I can’t live to please anyone else. I have to just let the music lead where it leads. I’m lucky that it’s not leading me down a straight and narrow path. I am influenced by so many things and that’s all coming out right now. I love that in this musical era I don’t feel like I have to conform to one style or what people think I should be or sound like. I’m an amalgamation of everything from pop and rock to r&b and hip hop and that’s ok. I’m just going to keep being DaChri and if you dig it great, if you don’t it’s still all love over here. The best is yet to come I promise.  WE BELIEVE DaChri!! WE BELIEVE

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