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CROWNZ on Live Shows and New Music!!

Hi CROWNZ! Thank you for speaking with me!

Hi there! Thanks for having us!

What have you all been working on lately? Any fun projects you want to share?

We have been working on rebranding ourselves as Crownz! From our looks to our music, we are really trying to define who we are and find our place in the music world! We are currently working on our new EP and it’s coming together better than we ever thought!

How have your live shows been going?

We’ve been trying to pick our live shows really specifically to try and really define our audience and our place in the scene but since we’re living in a “post genre” era we’re trying to find where we fit in with our new sound. However, it’s great getting back out there after not having shows for over a year! I’m sure everybody can say the same!

What can audiences expect at a live CROWNZ show?

When you come to a Crownz show you can expect nothing but high energy vibes the entire time! We like to leave everything on the stage while we bring everybody together through oir music!

What do you hope that audiences take with them from your live shows?

We want our audience to know that they are part of something bigger than just being a fan of a band. When you are with everybody else in that audience you are part of a family! Part of the Kingdom of Crownz!

Do you guys feel like where you're from influences the music you create?

I don’t think our location necessarily influences our music. I think all of our different music tastes is what is coming together to create our music style and different sound we have!

What would you say is the most rewarding part of what you do?

The most rewarding part for us is seeing the smiles and happiness of the people in the audience when they’re enjoying our music!

When making new music, what are each of your go-to's when getting in the zone for writing and recording?

We like to sit and get a bunch of influences for each specific song that we do. After that is when we will pull all of our influences together to try and create a vine for the song! Really get to throw ourselves into the music to understand what we actually want from each track!

What can we expect from you in the upcoming months?

I’m the upcoming months you can expect new singles leading up to our new EP, more shows, and a lot more content creation from Crownz!

Please let everyone know where to find you and your wonderful music!

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Thank you for your time!

Thank you!

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