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I waited a long time in my life to be congratulated for things. I wanted all of my family, friends and loved ones to not only truly care about every piece of art I put out into the world, but also really want to delve into the details of my journey. I longed for acceptance, true sincerity and lots of GREEN lights to point me in the direction I should go. Guess what? Yellow and Red lights are the only ones that test your patience and your daringness to be successful. Turns out the only congratulations I needed was from the face staring back at me in the mirror. So, I hope you truly stop and CONGRATULATE yourself today for all you've done. Love yourself for all you've been through. It's ok to feel kickass about the person you've grown into and all the scrapes, bruises and broken hearts it took to get you to today. Gratitude isn't just meant to be bestowed upon others, you can be grateful for yourself too. Flowers today for no reason and when that big paycheck you're deserving of comes in? Why not some Tiffany's too?

BE A FORCE Birdee Bow

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