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We are also looking forward to shows, shows, shows!!!

Hi Forts! Thanks for being here today!

No problemo! Thanks for hanging with us!

How does your music affect the world?

We love to party and have a badass time, we’re bringing the hangs with us and making everyone get stuupid!!

Who has been your biggest cheerleader as an artist?

Definitely our fans, we’ve been going hard since 2018 and they’re all still throwing down with us. They let us know what’s up and they are all we care about <3

Tell us about your latest release!

We just recorded this tune called “Damsel In Distress” at Dark Horse Studio in Franklin TN, with our homie/producer Britton Cameron. The song came out of nowhere, it was badass and random at the same time because we were in the middle of recording our debut album. We flew to Orlando this past weekend to record a music video for it and can’t wait to get this thing out.

What are you most looking forward to in 2021?

Shows shows shows! We’ve been cooked up writing and recording all of 2020 and we’re ready to let this thing out of the tank.

How do you find peace in an often chaotic world?

We all live together so the chaos never stops haha.. as weird as it sounds quarantine was a freaking party together. It was nothing but wake up, jam, write, drink a little, a little somethin, somethin, monopoly a little, repeat. We like to call it a vacay baby.

What does "making it" mean to you?

The “Making it” mentality is so outdated. Go out and f*ck some sh*t up. Make some moves.

What have been some of your greatest achievements as an artist?

We’ve worked on our upcoming album “From the Ceiling Up” all of 2020. COVID-19 has obviously taken a toll on the release, but it’s coming out like lava ASAP.

Where can our readers go to learn more about your projects?

Check out all our social media’s @FortsLikeVana... Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok... and our website! Come say hi we don’t bite... a little!

Thank you for your time!

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