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Catching Up With Blooming Fire!

Hi Blooming Fire! Thank you so much for speaking with me today!

Thank you so much for having us, we’re very excited and grateful to be here!

You all have been working on new music lately! Will you tell the audience a bit about what they can expect to hear in your new work?

Our new music is very viby, it’s a welcome home and a warm hug, it’s a reminder that we’re all apart of this earth not above it nor below is we are all a voice of nature! There’s a lot more brother sister collaboration going on between Ian and Sierra and the lyrics throughout the new music are emotional and touch on a lot of topics such as mental health, a deep desire to live more closely to the Earth and the roller coaster life takes us on with the people we love.

Would you say it has a similar feel to your most recent EP or is it completely different?

It’s definitely still got that Blooming Fire sound but it’s more evolved and soulful.

How do you make sure you keep your music 'on brand' for you as a band?

When we write music we’ve never thought about ‘on brand’ ha ha, what comes out is what needs to be expressed and that’s what Blooming Fire is. Our sound is defined by the 4 of us coming together and creating from the soul so it always lands on brand in a sense because we write it together and we all want to write music about the ups and downs in life. We mold it into our brand as it comes to life as a finished piece accompanied by visual aspects. Since we’re such a collaborative group it always has that style because it’s not just one person making decisions it’s all of us.

What do you do when you have writer's block or a creative block? Any go-to ways to shake yourself out of it? We just jam and try to let go…we always end up finding something. The less talking we do the better in moments of feeling blocked…if we’re really frustrated and feeling creatively stunted or depressed we know it’s time to go to nature and take a break from the city before coming back to it.

What does being authentic in your artistry mean to you all?

Being authentic is expressing our true selves through our art not because someone tells us to do it a certain way…a big one for us is keeping the vocals raw, not over producing our sound to be so perfect and robotic, we want it to sound emotional and have an edge to it. Oh and definitely real drums ha ha, so much music these days has computerized drum tracks or no real drums, that’s something that’s a must for us and for all of the instrumentation, when creating a song we have to actually plunk it out ourselves none of it is pre created! We also believe in constant evolution so if our sound changes it’s not because someone told us to do something different it’s because we have grown and changed within and that will be expressed through our music.

What is the most rewarding part of putting your creativity into your music?

Since it’s our voice and our sounds it’s our soul speaking through this body…the reward is the release of getting it out of our body, getting out of our own heads with these thoughts and these feelings and channeling it into something beautiful. Using the human experience and this emotional ride we’re all on for art, that’s what connects us all. To feel heard, to feel seen. Music gives us space to do that.

What advice would you give artists just starting out in the industry?

Things never go as planned so be ready for change and flow with it, let it go and keep going. Don’t be so stuck in your ways that you become closed off to help and other people’s ideas, accept help because you can’t do it alone and keep practicing, walk the walk don’t just talk the talk!!!

Any other upcoming projects that you want people to know about?

Oh yeah!!! We are about to start touring again after 20 months so go to the link below and find out what cities were going to be in!

We also have a short film coming out soon that we wrote, filmed and directed ourselves. It’s a short film to accompany our last release Dunia while we continue to work on the new music. 4 songs melded together into 1 visual EP! It’s a coming of age story about growing up in a world of technology while being pulled back to nature. We created a visual experience to accompany it and you can also find out how to access it through the link below!

We’re going to be releasing music seasonally all year in 2022 so keep up with us by following us on any social platform, sign up for our mailing list that’s a secret portal in itself with personal stories and messages that you won’t find anywhere else online.

Please let everyone know where to find you!

Thank you for your time!

Thank you!

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