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capturing your signature sound

Finding your signature sound is more about listening to your inner self. Who & what serve to be your inspiration? Favorite abstract artists? Favorite writers? Inspiring novels? Your most treasured memory? These far above and beyond just the musical influences of your life can prove to be the defining factors of your signature sound. Emulations in all art and creative forms.

Don't be afraid of failure. Failure is really a myth in the creative realm. Are you putting it all on the line. Are you going for everything your heart desires? Put the fear of failure aside and watch your signature sound unfold.

Practice makes perfect so don't be repetitive in your musical approach...stay creative, motivated and wide eyed. Your wide eyed vibe will keep your vision alive and well. Being consistent is different than being repetitive. Get comfortable with the uncomfortable feeling of pushing your limits and keeping your mind open.

These are the beautiful moments where your true authentic self will be found.

Get What You Want.

Birdee Bow

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