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Arriving in LA with my band and a vintage suitcase filled with original songs, I was pretty sure the world would be mine in 6 months or less. How could it not be, duh? We had done the thing, we had lived it out. Years of survival on the road, playing small, big, tiny, medium, great, horrible, FUN, hideous and a few huge opening shows across the nation: FINALLY! We were now being noticed by labels, top producers and more importantly? Rippin up the Orange County Scene. Destiny was mine baby. Step back and WATCH OUT! Courage and confidence fueled by the dollar menu and caffeine is a fun and dangerous combo. So what a total bummer to keep that whole day job thing going... Borrrrrrring. Working on Wilshire Blvd at the hotsy totsy designer resale boutique, was not exactly my idea of success, but ok I could get down with vintage Halston and endless racks of Chanel brocade jackets. This job allowed me to meet many Brentwood housewives, a lot of fabulous women making names for themselves in the industry and to receive an invitation into J Lo's closet (I'll save that for another post). The one thing it didn't allow me? The TIME I wanted to get back to writing, creating and securing that RECORD CONTRACT thank YOU! Will this be credit or? My supervisor was the most lovely Croatian woman. A woman who had lived through a revolution in her country and relocated to the US as a young wife and mother in the 90's. She had a beautiful energy and a strong, willfulness for success and elegance. I admired her a great deal, but was a bit thrown off one day when she said to me, quite out of the blue... "Don't worry so much about life. Your life is always going to be incredible and successful, because you're a worker bee" Excuse me? A worker bee? Uhhhh no lady, I've got bigger fish to fry. Worker bees don't live here, this is LA and I'm in a BAND. HELLO. She went on... "In life, as long as you have a willingness to work hard and to create your own path, you will always have a beautiful life, because you know the secret. The secret is everything you need is right inside of you." Ok, so honestly at the time I took this as a huge sorta let down. Whyyyyy is this lady telling me about worker bees? I am not destined to be a worker bee. Please don't bring me down with your worker bee mentality. This is epic ish I'm building right now and that whole worker bee thing isn't catching on. Get it? Ok, thank you.

Over the years, her words ring within my heart and mind daily. I know now, that she must have seen in me a young girl filled with anxiety about my future and unable to be in love with the present because of the overwhelming need to prove I was gaining success at lightening speed. I believe she wanted me to have the faith and strength to know I already had the secret. Which is really no secret at all...the power of your LIFE is in your freedom to be limitless and to be ready to worker BEE it up for whatever your heart LOVES and wherever your passions take you. Faith in your mission, belief in the calmness of a steady climb. I had to giggle this month, when my colleague Jordan created a new Group for BsquaredMGMT and wrote to tell me she wanted to call it the "Bsquared Buzz". Yep, Life is pretty funny that way isn't it? BUZZ it UP and may your Worker Bee outfit be some insanely phenomenal piece of vintage Halston mixed with a stellar Gucci belt. BE A FORCE Birdee

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