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I'm not exactly sure why this is, but it's the God honest truth. EVERYONE wants to put us into boxes. And I'm not only speaking of music careers here, it's a serious problem in all aspects of life. Why are there boxes for genre? Boxes for heritage? Boxes for region...age, education. On and on and on. I'm tired of boxes. Boxes are boring and they're limiting and altogether useless. WHO CARES?? Do we only exist to be put into boxes? L I M I T L E S S . We are limitless. We can ALL be whomever we choose to be. I don't give two cares if you're a fireman, pie baker, oil well driller, ballet dancer AND you want to be a Rockstar too. GOOD FOR YOU! Be you, do you, SHINE it up! But if you're a bitter, frustrated individual with nothing to offer to the conversation? Then go be bitter elsewhere. We've got pies to bake out at the drilling rig and our ballet themed ROCK SHOW starts at 9 pm. NO More Boxes WE are without limits.


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