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Beautiful Moments with R0zegld

R0zegld is not only an incredible artist, songwriter and performer of out NYC, but she is also a powerhouse producer creating an amazing name for herself nationwide. We LOVE her insight and her beautiful words. Read on! Also check out her latest single here!

The optimist and the artist don’t necessarily walk hand in hand. When I was asked to reflect on staying optimistic in this challenging time, I immediately felt fear rush through me from head to toe. How strange, I thought. I have made

it a daily goal to be without fear. Why now do I feel it filling every cell of my body? I have meditated almost daily. I study texts that help me combat my insecurities and doubt. I was sick and got well very quickly. So, why now, with this question, do I feel so afraid? Well, we are programmed to be afraid and especially afraid of our strength and creative forces. We are taught by teachers, parents and religions, that the fear of doing the “wrong” thing is the tool of coercion best used to get us to do the “right” thing. We are called “bad” and given punishment as a tactic to

learn the accepted behavior. I have come to know that positive action never had to be taught in the first place. The “right” choice for every moment lies within us always. It is available to me anytime I choose to look inside and

access love and connection.

Every one of us has a light Inside that instinctually guides us to love and to act out of love. Our fearful egos are constantly telling us that our instinct to love is secondary to our instinct to fight and to fight is to survive. My heart

has come to see this as untrue. We are told that in order to survive we must compete for our piece of the pie, which leads us to believe there is not enough pie to go around. In order to be full, we must leave someone hungry. I truly feel that as human beings we are split into individual consciousness but we come from and will return to oneness. There is more than enough for all of us. Our fear is what blinds us from seeing it. All the ingredients to feed an infinite soul that connects us all is available to us always. We don’t always want to do the work that goes into

creating, but we always have the ability. To find the right ingredients, to combine, to mix, to wait patiently, it can all seem like too much sometimes. So we need to reset and rest.

Walking through a nature reserve outside NYC, I found some peace to look past my reaction and the small view I keep in front of me, to a larger view. It’s about seeing the world through our guts and our hearts. I know that success is out there for me, for all of us, if we are willing to put in the work.

What is amazing about being an artist is that the work is connectivity! It’s beautiful, it’s free. We create, we give, we rest. All the other stuff will fall into place. If I am humble enough to share what I know, to let love inspire me, I can

always look past fear. I can’t know what will come next, but we truly never can. As an artist there are always ups and downs. It’s not about job security and a 401 K. We do this because we love it and we want to share that love. I trust that will be rewarded. It may not always look the way we imagined it would. It’s not the life we are shown in TV or social media, but it is real and true and that’s the best we can ask for in this lifetime. I am learning to see that all the parts of me make up the artist I am.

I am whole. We are whole. We are not defined by statistics or bank accounts. We are not even defined by our past or present experiences. I can only ever be the person and artist I am in this exact moment. In this moment, I choose not to be afraid. I choose to open up and share my heart with you. I hope we can make this choice together. To see beyond the ego that splits our minds and into the oneness that fills our hearts.

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