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Beautiful Graduation Announcements

Why Basic Invite Should Be Your Go-To For Graduation Announcements

Buh-bye, cold wintery days -- spring is moving in hot! And, do you know what that means? Graduation season is quickly approaching. With only a few months away that are already tightly packed with work duties, family responsibilities, and of course, all the graduation proceedings and social events associated with this celebratory time, who has time to plan? That is, without losing their minds!

That’s why we are so thankful to have been introduced to Basic Invites, a site dedicated to helping make each day a celebration. With their customizable graduation announcements, graduation invitation party templates, and graduation thank you cards, planning is a breeze.

And though it’s called Basic Invites, these stationery gems are not basic at all. The sleek sophisticated designs are uniquely stylish and can fit any occasion. Here are some of the reasons we are turning to Basic Invites to help with our graduation needs this spring:

Beautiful Designs

Of course, our number one reason for choosing Basic Invites for our graduation announcements this season is primarily because of the beautiful designs that are completely customizable.

There are unlimited color combinations. Seriously, unlimited! You can change the color on key sections on the card or announcement, creating over 180 different colors. Just think of the color combination possibilities! And to add even more color, Basic Invite allows you to choose from 40 different envelope colors. Those combos will definitely add a personal touch to your graduation thank you cards!

Now, don’t even get us started on the templates. There a plethora of templates for graduation announcements that have spots for a photo or photos, event dates, and all the important information your family and friends need to know in order to celebrate your grad of the year.


One of the best qualities of Basic Invite is that it is easy-as-pie to use! This is great, because who has the time to learn an entire design software while planning a rockin’ graduation party?

This easy-to-navigate system with its graduation party invitations takes the pressure and time out of party planning. Also, if you do come across a problem while designing your graduation announcements, invitations, or graduation thank you cards, you can easily chat online with a designer that will lend you a hand. Basic Invite takes pride in its customer service that leaves their customers with a smile and an amazingly beautiful product.


And as a bonus, Basic Invites is super affordable and can fit just about anyone’s budget. There is no need to spend an arm and a leg for a stunning and personalized design. Trust us, Basic Invites is the place to go for all your invitation needs.

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