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OUT AT SEA are a London based indie-pop band made up of four university mates (bet you’ve not heard that one before): Matt (vocals/guitar), Mark (vocals/guitar), Nick (keys) and Ben (drums). Three parts Liverpool FC, one part Man United (unlucky Matt), they bonded over their love of football, craft IPAs and 00s indie rock bands. Forming just before that global pandemic in 2020, the boys powered through endless zoom calls creating catchy indie-pop music inspired by their youth. Several tracks from their debut EP Lie A Little were spun by BBC Introducing Solent, and played in Co-ops across the country. 2021 releases “Lucky It’s Love” (recorded at Strongroom Studios) and football-chant-esque “Izzy” became instant hits with their dedicated following and beyond. Their live show has gone from strength to strength, headlining packed venues such as the O2 Academy2 Islington and most notably performing the Timewarp with Carl Barât dressed as Mario Kart characters.

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Thank you for taking this interview! How has the New Year been for you so far as an artist? Thankyou for having us! The New Year has been good, we kicked things off with a headline gig at Camden Assembly in January which was an absolute party. We have all been pretty busy in our personal lives (classic working those several second jobs) - but we’ve been busy working away on our ‘new era’, writing and recording our 2022 releases! Can you tell us how you've transformed from the beginning to now as an artist? We’ve come a long way from Mono, our first single. Fully forming just before the first lockdown, the best and the worst time to form a band, we took that weird time to write a full bank of songs over endless zoom calls with some of them forming our releases over the last couple of years. Each release was a huge learning curve, from recording with Mark’s laptop to recording in studios and working with producers and other creatives. It’s also been an exciting time getting to go from socially-distanced sat down gigs, to rooms packed with people bopping around. We’ve really worked to develop our sound as a 4 and are currently rehearsing hard on our live show to get the new stuff sounding sick. How did you come up with your latest project? Matt: The track has sat in the Out At Sea locker for over a year, and at the start of the year we dug it out and began working on it in rehearsals. We felt it really fitted with the way our music was going. For the first time I blatantly wrote a song about someone else’s experiences - when Mark started getting low key feelings for one of our mates. It’s about that phase where it’s clearly not platonic, but it’s risky to open that box as it’s impossible to close again really, so you need time to just think things through. Where are you from originally? So we all originally come from different parts of the UK. Matt is from the Isle of Man, Mark is from Bournemouth and Nick and Ben are from Warrington and grew up together, with all of us meeting at drama school in London a few years back. Where do you live now? We are now based around London - two of us West, one South West and one South East. Do you think where you live impacts how your music is made? Because we all grew up in different areas, we all had slightly different inspirations and influences, although we all pretty much listened to the same bands growing up - Arctic Monkeys, Bombay Bicycle Club, The 1975, McFly. I think London being so busy and vibrant all the time has really helped bring an energy to our sound and a lot of our lyrics are based on living our 20s out in the city. What was the inspiration to make music your career? One of the biggest inspirations to start the band and start properly writing was seeing The 1975 headline Reading Festival in 2019. We’re huge fans of the band and seeing that incredible set together made us all feel like ‘Yeah, we wanna do this as well’. How do you want to shape your career? We’d love to start touring and further down the line maybe start prepping another EP release. However we’re quite excited by just taking it as it comes at the moment, and already booking some exciting gigs for the Autumn. Do you work on a tight timeline always or do you go with the flow when it comes to your music? We will only release if we want to, rather than being set to an actual schedule - we want our music releases to feel genuine rather than some sort of marketing ploy. However, once we have decided, we do tend to try and stick to a tight schedule for a release campaign, as much as possible just as you really have to be on it with everything in order to get the song out there - although it can be difficult with our life being generally super busy! How did your latest title of your music come to be? Matt: ‘Another Minute’ came from a lyric in the chorus, about needing that fraction more time to think things through before committing to a romantic situation. It’s quite funny as by the time I’d finished demo one, Mark and his partner were already together. I thought about renaming it ‘Another Second’ but it didn’t quite have the same ring to it… Is it hard to let go of the music when it is done? We would probably say the opposite to be honest. Most tracks we’ll have been working on for nearly half a year from demo to release, so by the time it is done we’re already thinking about the next release! Do you feel an emotional attachment with your music? Definitely. The vast majority of music we write is based on personal experiences or feelings, so there will always be that emotional connection. There’s also that added layer of attachment as four of us have been best mates for a while, so it feels like a documented time-stamped part of our friendship in a way. How would you describe your music in one word to someone who hasn't listened to it yet? Tasty. Where do they go to listen NOW? Head to our Spotify! What has been the best fan reaction to your music? We definitely felt like our last release, Izzy, went down an absolute treat with our fans. We played it the week after its release at the O2 Academy2 Islington last September, and planned a bit of audience participation, and it was craaazy!! The chorus has a bit of football chant-esque vibe to it, so it definitely was the most energy we’ve felt in a room. Is there anything exciting coming up for you? More releases and gigs! We’re headlining The Stag’s Head in Hoxton on 24th May which will be fun, and then going back to the studio at the start of June to record the next single after ‘Another Minute’. Then hopefully taking a trip up north for a few gigs in Autumn. Are you performing the song anywhere LIVE? The Stag’s Head, Hoxton. 24th May. Be there. Give us all your socials and links so fans can link up with you! Thank you for this interview!

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