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Ambiance and Athxna

When did you fall in love with music and what does it mean to you? I've been a music lover ever since I knew what music was... My father is a huge metal head and my mom loves to go out and listen to EDM and other dance music. When I was five years old I started playing the piano thanks to my Grandmother who was a concert pianist like her mother before... Music is a big part of my family. Music has given me a sense of purpose and happiness, I love music its my escape and my passion.

Tell us about ATHXNA LIVE!

I want my live shows to be intimate and beautiful, I want my live shows to reflect my voice... Welcoming and seductive. I want to lay out carpets and light candles.. Ambiance baby!

Who has been your greatest influence?

One of my greatest influences and Idol is Ella Fitzgerald, I have been in love with her voice for as long as I can remember. She had such a powerful voice and presence I just hope I can make as big of an impact as her one day.

Please tell us about your new music!

I am SO excited to release my song Messy! Its about love and heartbreak; ya know the usual. I actually wrote it about my boyfriend Paul, I wasn't ready for love but let me tell you, love FOUND me. Usually my songs are a little darker and more bluesy but this song really challenged me because its different from what im used to and I LOVE it!

What are you most looking forward to in 2021?

I am looking forward to all the music I will be releasing and being able to go out and actually perform!



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